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"House arrest"-type SB - spandexed - 09 Jul 2010

I've been looking for a way to allow for very secure self-bondage, for a reasonable period of time, but with a "safety exit" to discourage breaking the rules.

Ice locks have a couple of drawbacks:

* you need to plan ahead
* Many techniques are a little messy
* I worry about releases getting "stuck"
* The release time is unpredictable (I know, sometimes that is more fun but not always)
* some clean-up may be required to get back to visitor-ready neatness.

My scene idea is to be stuck in a room, with the keys to my restraints outside of the room. The door isn't locked, but there is a penalty (setting off a very loud alarm) for opening it ahead of the allowed time.

Equipment needed:
1 small door-mounted security alarm (there are many available for prices starting at US$10). I recommend one with a 9V battery power, which can be replaced with an external AC adapter.
1 digital AC power control (Many to choose from, name-brand ones sell for US$24 or less)
1 AC-to9VDC adapter (you likely have a couple lying around in the gadget drawer, if not, they can be found in any electronics store for a few dollars.
1 small lamp - any table or desk lamp will do.
1 table radio or other music player of your liking.

Place the keys to any restraints you will be using in a place where you will be able to easily find them once you are allowed out of your "cell".
Connect the AC adaptor and lamp to the digital timer.
Set the current time/date on the timer.
Set an "on" cycle for the timer, perhaps 15 minutes from now.
Select and "off" time of your preference. (you will be "in jail" until the "off" time arrives.)
Take your (unlocked!) restraints into your "cell" and close the door.
Wait until the timer goes "on" - you will see the lamp go on, and/or you will hear the music from the radio come on.
Restrain yourself at your liesure, knowing you are NOT going to be able to undo anything until your "sentence" is over.
If you are going to be blindfolded, make sure you can hear the radio, else you will not know when your "sentence" is over.

Should there be an emergency, or the bondage is just more than you can handle, you simply have to open the door (and set of the OH GOD IT'S REALLLY LOUD!!!!! alarm) and get the keys to your restraints.

Otherwise, you have to stay in your cell, cuffed or bound, gagged or blindfolded, until the light/music outside turn off, announcing the completion of your "sentence"

I know this could be improved a lot, and once of the ideas I have tried to figure out is if you could let an online friend be the "warden", selecting your sentence and releasing you early for good behavior, or adding extra time for being uncoooperative.

RE: "House arrest"-type SB - Like Ra - 12 Jul 2010

This is an interesting alternative to the "oil can" backup mechanism. Especially if you are properly bound and the alarm can be heard by your neighbours. That means you will have to work really hard to release yourself and turn the alarm off before the neighbours (or the police) arrive.

RE: "House arrest"-type SB - bluedragontao - 30 Sep 2010

You know, you could buy an electromagnetic buzzer or bell, wire it up to a wall-timer, and then simply put in a series of relays as logic gates to make it that if you leave at the wrong time, the bell won't shut off unless the door is both closed and you've pushed a button on the other side of the cell. Or you could mix it with something similar in function to a deepthroat dildo, only instead of sucking liquid, you suck air, and the dildo is connected to an air-pressure sensor. Thus, you break the rules, you need to spend a bit of time as a prison bitch. Or, if feeling especially masochistic, you could create a small device which would spank you when you press a button. Then you just use that button.