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Ice timed hogcuff - johngerners - 01 Sep 2021

I recently uploaded an old video from a selfbondage session to Boundhub and since @madjack kindly asked for it in another thread, where I had put a link, here is a full session report. But first the video:
Boundhub - Hogcuffed selfbondage in lycra
Outfit consisted of a lycra fullsuit, a Speedo Aquablade Hydrasuit competition swimsuit with high leg cut and Buffalo T24400 platform boots. Completed with a lycra hood securely taped in place so it would not come off during the session. The restraints were very simple – handcuffs and leg irons connected by crossed chains – yet super restrictive. As you can see in the video, I shifted my position a couple of times and tried to relieve stress from my wrists. I got into and out of the restraints so fast only because I had practised this several times before. The timer was an ice drop mechanism which many regard as the safest selfbondage release mechanism. Timing is not very accurate, though, and depends on specific conditions. So you should make a runtime test in advance. Here is a picture of my current setup which is minimally different from what I used back then:  icetimer.jpg thumbnail   

With the long shackle lock, nothing can can get caught in the cloth and prevent the keys from dropping when enough ice has molten.
This is especially important, since I did not have any backup. Which of course enhances the thrill of closing the last cuff a lot 😁

What I also like about this scenario is that it doesn't require a lot of preparation. If I decided to do this right now, it would probably take me less than ten minutes to the point of no return.

I should add a disclaimer: Do not try anything like this unless you know exactly what you are doing!
This kind of bondage does not forgive any mistakes. You can easily get trapped, even with full access to the keys. As a rule of thumb, if it’s difficult to get in, it might be impossible to get out.