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Out of Lockdown, At Last - PetraJane - 08 Jul 2020

This has been circulating in my head for a while, decided to write it up today. I hope you like it.

Steve and Jane were bored, they had been stuck in the house for months now, Lockdown was a bitch it had to be said.
Finally that fuckwit, Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister had lifted some of the restrictions limiting people to stay at home, regardless than many thought it was far too early to lift Lockdown as no matter what he said, Cornovirus was still active and a threat to so many people in the UK, and around the world, but Steve and Jane, like so many young people, didn't give a shit and wanted to get out of the house and mingle with their friends.

So, at the weekend, Jane told Steve to get himself dressed up in his feminine alter-ego and meet her in the garage and to wear his vagina panties under his tights and satin lacy firm panties.

Steve was so excited he dashed upstairs and quickly shaved himself smooth, putting on his Vagina Panties on under his black tights and green satin and lace firm panties, tucking himself into the penis tube in the VP's. His matching green lacy bra and D breast forms, complete with nipple enhancers were next, a spare set of fake nipples went inside the bra, between his breast forms and his own nipples, pressing against them by the breast forms and firm bra, after all, a little discomfort helps him feel extra feminine.
He added his red skater skirt, Ivory satin blouse and blonde wig whilst a pair of modest heels completed his outfit. Sitting in front of the mirror, he applied his makeup, eye shadow, lipgloss and a quick brush on rouge highlighted his cheekbones nicely.

After admiring himself in the mirror he made his way sedately downstairs and went to meet Jane in their attached garage. He found her tapping her feet impatiently as she waited for him to get ready.
"Finally" she snapped. "Come here and turn around!" she commanded.

'Uh oh, she's in a bad mood,' Steve thought.

"Yes dear", he murmured as he faced away from her. "I just wanted to get everything ready for you."

Jane didn't answer as she tied Steve's hands, tightly, behind his back. She then pulled another rope from her pile in the boot of the car and tied his elbows together, tighter than Steve ever remembered her doing before.
"OW! Not so tight love." He said.

"Be quiet Stephanie! Mistress is busy!" Jane said sharply.

Another set of ropes went around Steve's, sorry, Stephanie's breasts, above and below them, wrapping around them, before she was spun around and the ends of the ropes were fed up the V between her breasts and over her shoulders, before being tied behind her back.

"Get into the boot, Stephanie! We're going for a little ride out." Jane instructed her slave.
Steve looked at Jane in disbelief, they'd never gone this far before, but he was pretty much helpless to argue with Jane now, he was unable to release a hand and where was he going to go, dressed like this anyway. So, with a little help from Jane, Stephanie climbed into the boot of the car.

Jane grabbed his legs, leaving them hanging out of the boot for the time being and grabbed yet another length of rope from the rapidly dwindling pile and secured Stephanie's ankles, tying a few loops around her shoes so they would not come off until the ropes were removed. Another length of rope later and Stephanie's knees were tightly tied together.

Jane pulled a blindfold from a bag on the garage bench and slipped it over Stephanie's eyes and said, "open wide!"
Stephanie did so automatically and a large ballgag was pushed inside her mouth and the straps were fastened over and behind her head pulling the ball of the gag firmly in place and preventing the blindfold from riding up as well.

Unable to see or say more than an Mppphh! or two, Stephanie felt something rigid being placed around her neck and she could not move her head much now. Although she did not know what it was, Jane had fitted a neck brace around Stephanie's neck so she could wrap some rope around her neck before tying the ends to her ankle ropes to keep Stephanie hogtied in the boot whilst she drove Stephanie to the next stage of her plan.

Jane slammed the boot lid down and opened the garage door before getting in the driver's seat and, starting the car, set off down the road, she drove for some time, going over various speed bumps and potholes before pulling into a bumpy lane where she turned the engine off and got out.

Looking around, she could not see anyone so she opened the boot of the car, checked that Stephanie was okay, if dizzy and disorientated, and untied the rope around her ankles and lifted her legs out of the boot, telling Stephanie to stand. Using the rope around her neck brace, like a leash. she told Stephanie to start walking, not easy on a country lane, blindfolded, unable to balance herself and only to hobble as her knees were still tied, in heels!

But somehow Stephanie managed it, wondering what the hell she had done to Jane to merit this treatment.
After a long hobble, Jane felt they had gone far enough and grabbing Stephanie by the arms, turned her around and pushed her backwards and up against a tree. She then used the rope around her neck brace to fasten Stephanie to the tree, pulling another length from her bag she re-tied her ankles and wrapped it around the tree, before getting the final length and wrapped it around the tree at waist height, tightly.

"Mppphhhgggg!?" Stephanie managed to mumble.

" 'Why?' Because Steve, as Stephanie you have a better figure than me, you have longer and nicer legs than I do after giving birth to our two children, because since you discovered Stephanie, we never seem to get cosy together or have sex anymore! Now, I've had it, I want to cuddle up with you, I don't care if it's you Steve or you Stephanie, I just want some physical comfort, some hugs, some SEX! Goodbye!" and she turned and walked away crying.

Steve couldn't believe it, he thought that Jane put up with Stephanie for the sake of the children, though they didn't know about her, he wanted Stephanie because Jane didn't want to be touched by either Steve or Stephanie, he hadn't realised Jane was as desperate for physical comfort or sex as much as he was.

"Jane!" He tried to shout, but all that came out was a muffled "Mmmmppphhh!"

He struggled, tried to find any slack in the ropes, but Jane had tied him up too well. "Jane!" he screamed into the gag, but very little sound came out.

Sometime later, he realised he had dozed off somehow, although he couldn't see through the blindfold, he could tell that it was getting darker and then he felt something against his blouse and legs, and a sound of pattering.
He felt himself getting colder and realised it was raining!
'Fucking great' he thought 'how much worse can today get?'

Time passed, where the hell was he, how was he going to get out of this, what would happen if he wasn't found, what would happen if he WAS found?

"Well, well, what have we here?" a voice said as there was a rustling as someone approached through the undergrowth.
It was a male voice! Steve was worried, here HE was, tied to a tree somewhere as it got darker and dressed as a woman, and tied to a fucking tree bound and gagged, blindfolded and totally helpless.

"Mmmmppppgghhhh!" he murmured, going for the damsel in distress scenario, and hoping that it wasn't someone who was going to take advantage of what they thought was a woman totally vulnerable and helpless to resist or getaway.

"What are you doing here honey, looking for a good time or what?" The voice said, sounding nearer than before, then Steve felt a hand caressing his breasts, then groping them, grabbing them hard and pushing them, pushing the fake nipples underneath them into his own nipples, forcing a groan of pain, of ecstasy through the gag. Then one hand slip lower onto his skirt and down his leg, the other hand still groping one of his breasts, pushing the nipple harder into his own, forcing more moans through the gag. Then the hand on his leg moved upwards, softly caressing him through the nylon tights, making him hard and his cock straining in its sheath in the vagina panties and then, it grabbed him between his legs and massaged his cock in its sheath, he moaned and his legs went weak as the hands kept groping him until he orgasmed, coming hard and panting behind the ballgag.

The hands stopped their groping and he felt the ropes that fastened him to the tree being released, but not those around his knees, wrists or elbows. then he was been pulled by the rope around his neck brace once again and was stumbling weakly down the country lane but he could tell he was been led downhill this time.

After a time, he bumped up against something solid, a car, and he was pushed forward and into the boot of this car before the lid was slammed down sealing him inside in the dark. The car started up and it drove off leaving Steve terrified and lost. He missed Jane, the love of his life and just wanted to be back with her and this time he would make sure she was included with his Stephanie time or they would cuddle up as Jane and Steve or as Jane and Stephanie, or even as John and Stephanie if Jane wanted to get a strapon and be the man of the relationship for a change. Behind his gag and blindfold, Steve cried himself to sleep in the boot of a strangers car on his way to who knew where, and for what purpose?

When he woke, the car was parked, or at least there was no real sense of movement, then the car rocked and he could hear footsteps as someone walked around the car to the boot which opened letting in light that he could just see through the gap under the blindfold where the panel of the ballgag didn't quite cover.

A pair of hands pulled his legs out of the boot and with an unexpected amount of care, untied the ropes around his knees, rubbing them to help get his circulation back into his legs after so many hours of being tied. the same hands took care to untie the ropes around his breasts and then the ropes around his elbows were removed and again, the hands surprising Steve, carefully rubbed the circulation back into his arms through his satin blouse.

Something was pushed behind his legs, and the hands carefully guided him to sit down on a what turned out to be a chair, and the straps around his head, keeping his gag and blindfold on all these hours, where finally eased off, his gag was removed and a cold wet cloth pressed against his sore mouth, wiping away the hours of drool and allowing him to suck a little of the moisture off it, Squinting against the light he looked around, trying to work out where he was and who had taken him away from his bondage in the countryside.

As his eyes adjusted to the light, he realised that he was in his own garage, and his captor/rescuer was in fact none other than Jane, his wife.

"Jane!" Steve exclaimed, "Oh my God, I thought I had been found by some pervert after you abandoned me!"

"No Love, I was never far from you, you were never in any danger. We were on private land and there was no one else anywhere close by. The male voice you heard was a recording on my phone that I used a male filter on. I just wanted you to know how much I love you and even as Stephanie, I want us to cuddle, to make love and be together." Jane said through her tears. "Can you ever forgive me?"

"Forgive you, there is nothing to forgive, this has made me realise just how much I love you and want us to not only stay together, but to BE together, as Steve and Jane, or Stephanie and Jane, or even as John and Stephanie, if you want to take the male role for a change."

Jane gave that a little thought.
"Hmm, ok, well, let me untie your wrists, then how about we have a meal and Stephanie stays and we cuddle up on the sofa until bedtime and then go from there?" she said.

"Ok, but I really NEED the bathroom and wash up, down there, as it were, before that meal. But then let's cuddle and watch your favourite programme before bed, as Stephanie and Jane?"

"Deal," Jane said. "But how about bed as Stephanie and John? I have a not so little friend I'd like to introduce you to!" She said with a twinkle in her eye.