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Hands free Magic Wand "attachment" for males - essanym - 19 Apr 2019

So, I'm posting this as a response to another thread here.  I've been using this technique for years and it's always served me well.  It works well when I'm laying down on my back, it works standing up, it works underneath lockable, pvc lolita dresses and it works decently if I'm on my hands and knees.  Additionally, the belt could be locked on by using a padlock through the many holes it has or you could lock other things to the belt.

You will need these items:
  1. Magic Wand
  2. Silicone magic wand attachment for men
  3. One of those belts with a lot of holes, in your size or longer
  4. a small length of rope that can tie around the magic wand and fit through the holes in the belt
  5. a leotard (don't question me, just wear it)
 20190418_202851_2.jpg thumbnail   

1. Here is a closer view of the belt

1.  20190418_202911_2.jpg thumbnail   

2. Closer view of the silicone attachment

2.  20190418_202942_2.jpg thumbnail   

3. See how the rope is attached to the wand

3.  20190418_203023_2.jpg thumbnail   

4. Closer view of the rope, see how simple it is. Yours doesn't have to exactly match mine, just tie it on similarly until it works the same way.

4.  20190418_203036_2.jpg thumbnail   

5. Put the belt on, suck in your belly because you've had the belt for 20 years and exercise is hard.  Make sure the buckle is off to your side, or anywhere beside directly in front.  It can be behind you if you want, just not in front.

5.  20190418_203218_2.jpg thumbnail   

6. The ropes should aeady be tied similar to mine and attached to the magic wand.  Put the ends of the ropes through the belt. You can't see it but instead of threading the rope through adjacent holes, I skipped a pair of holes to space the rope out a bit.  The body of the magic wand will sit right where the holes I skipped are.

6.  20190418_203430_2.jpg thumbnail   

7. In this next photo, I have tied the rope above the handle of the magic wand.  It is a simple bow knot, same as you would use on shoe laces.  It doesn't have to be a bow knot, you could use whatever knot you want that will hold it there, you could even make up your own monstrosity of a knot.

7.  20190418_203549_2.jpg thumbnail   

8. Next you can see that the magic wand is holding still on the belt without me holding it and I have attached the silicone sleeve.  I would suggest you put the sleeve on your penis before you attach it to the magic wand but you're free to struggle with it however you want.

8.  20190418_203632_2.jpg thumbnail   

9. Lastly, here you can see that I am sitting in my office chair getting ready to type up this post you're reading now.  The magic wand easily stays in position even when I'm sitting down.  I can do many things and this device will stay right where it's tied.  If I use an extension cord, I can walk around the house with it on and it won't slip though after some walking movement, I may need to push the sleeve back down towards my pubic bone.  You'll figure that out.

9.  20190418_205226_2.jpg thumbnail   

That's it, I hope this was informative enough.  I haven't needed to do this yet, but if I were going to do a lot of sessions where I were on my hands and knees, like a milking cow, and the device was under me, I would probably put another rope tied around the head of the magic wand (with the first rope still in place) and ran back on either side of my crotch to the holes on the rear of the belt.  That would help it stay in place even with gravity working to pull it away from you.

RE: Hands free Magic Wand "attachment" for males - Kit-Katt - 30 Apr 2020

Committing a slight bit of post necromancy simply because I want to add to this particular topic.

While browsing Pixiv for *ahem* perspiration inspiration, I (pun half intended) came upon the following posting:
(R-18 posting that will require login to view, I am simply linking my sources here)

The posting itself contains a mishmosh of what is admittedly adorable tentacle scenes, but it also includes a bit of self-bondage advice, including how to attach a wand to a penis.

First relevant image shares some of the problems one runs into with a wand and male genitalia, and hits close to home for me:
 80536737_p12.png thumbnail   

Second relevant image gets to the meat of the matter. It includes much of the same items as @essanym includes above, but provides what I can only describe as a "more direct" approach to the matter:
 80536737_p13.png thumbnail   

This involves essentially sacrificing the attachment (I looked up replacement cost before I did this, $18 on Amazon, less elsewhere), but gets right to it. Rough translation read as "cut head off of attachment, sorry" and the second bit involves cutting a sizable rubberband in half. I initially questioned cutting it, but realized this was a situation where it was being "cut to fit" the target penis.

As someone who hates making a mess (most bodyfluids are my squick button, even if they're my own), I typically wear an unlubricated condom anytime I start a session of any kind. This makes using attachments designed to stimulate the skin through rubber nubs and such less effective. This method described here lets me:

1.) Put on the condom
2.) Wrap the rubberband around the base
3.) Insert the ends of the rubber band into the attachment cup
4.) Attach the attachment to the wand.
5.) Apply direct stimulation to everything, even with a condom on.

As far as keeping the wand in place, @Essanym's belt description above is quite brilliant if you don't know how to make a tie-on vibrator harness aeady

There's another pair of images in this Pixiv post that also describes another overall self-bondage idea. I'll leave them as attachments for now as they're not quite on-topic for this thread, but definitely belong in this forum.  😋

 80536737_p15.png thumbnail     80536737_p16.png thumbnail   

RE: Hands free Magic Wand "attachment" for males - Like Ra - 30 Apr 2020

(30 Apr 2020, 16:07 )Lucas Gryvon Wrote: post necromancy
We do not have old threads 😊