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TODO list - Like Ra - 21 Oct 2017

This is a reminder thread for myself. But everybody is welcome to add things that should be done here 😉

RE: TODO list - Like Ra - 21 Oct 2017

  • Fix IPv6 routing/accessibility
  • Create new embedding scripts for xtube and [s]pornub (Any other X-hosting services?)[/s]
  • Check the current youtube embedding. Does it need to be tweaked/updated?
  • Finish RSS streams sanitizing (remove abandoned and deleted accounts from the RSS lists)
  • Move all RSS streams to HTTPS
  • Add automated HTTPS certificate updates
  • Upgrade to and test the latest jQuery library
  • Do something with the RSS streams pagination for mobile devices
  • Fix CSS(?) for "Edit"
  • Fix CSS for Alerts
  • Add new IP-address for mailing purposes