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MJ-SB03/2015 – Home alone session 3: Quick hogtie - madjack - 22 May 2015

I was still on a high after my suspension session, wanting more bondage and maybe an orgasm too. However, I was starting to feel the effects of over 3hrs of bondage activity and so something nice and simple appealed to me for my next adventure.

70den closed crotch, long sleeved nylon bodysuit with sheath
20den closed crotch, long sleeved nylon bodysuit with sheath
20den gloss pantyhose
Lycra body
Wet-look body-con dress
8 knee-highs
Ball gag
High-heeled ankle boots
Cock vibrator and timer

The session:
I didn’t undress after my suspension adventure (MJ-SB02/2015 – Home alone session 2:  Just hanging around) though I did remove my gag to have another quick fluid intake. With my gag back in I surfed the net for a while (gagged once again and bouncing up and down on my butt plug), seeking some EOTD to get me hard once more. I also posted a few updates on the forum and took some inspiration from Ra on ideas for upcoming sessions 😁

Due to the fact I was feeling some fatigue from my exertions earlier in the day I wanted something simple but effective, with the chance of an HFO (Hands Free Orgasm) to add a little spice to my fun.

My plan was a very simple hogtie, without any timed release but with my cock vibrator on timer mode. I quickly tied my ankles and then used the remaining rope to cinch them to my waist, pulling my ankles upwards to my back.
 1 all the gear ready to go.JPG thumbnail    - set up ready to go (just activating the webcams)
I fixed the cock vibrator in place under my Lycra body and dress using knee-highs and set the timer to start in 5mins. As always I pulled knee-highs over my arms to complete my encasement before reaching for my wrist rope.
 2 ready to encase my hands and arms.JPG thumbnail    - arms encased and wrist rope ready
Using the figure of 8 method I quickly bound my wrists behind my back, linking in the rope between my ankles and waist for good measure.
 2a wrist rope ready.JPG thumbnail    - starting on my wrists
 3 wrist bondage.JPG thumbnail     4 halfway there.JPG thumbnail    - halfway there
 5 wrists done.JPG thumbnail     5a wrists done.JPG thumbnail    - wrists roped and ready
I was now kneeling and balanced rather precariously on the bed, any movement would topple me over and start my session properly. So, with a deep breath I shifted my balance slightly to one side and fell with a bounce onto the bed.
 6 falling.JPG thumbnail    - going...  6a falling.JPG thumbnail    - ...going...  7 and down.JPG thumbnail    - ...and gone!
Brilliant! My legs where trying to stretch out, but couldn’t due to the rope connecting them to my waist, which in turn meant that my wrist rope was cinched tighter.
 8 workign my hips.JPG thumbnail    - that feels sooooo good!
I revelled in my bondage for many minutes before the timer kicked the vibrator into life…. Arrggghhh! More frustration!! The vibrator was working fine, but it had slipped during my struggles and now wasn’t where I wanted it to be – it was teasing but not arousing enough and nowhere near making me cum.
 8a working my hips.JPG thumbnail    - struggling to make myself cum
 9 resting.JPG thumbnail     9a resting.JPG thumbnail    - beaten by the machine, I can't cum and must rest
Still bound I tried to manoeuvre myself so that I could gain more stimulation, but I had to wait between the programmed cycles and that start over again (it was actually rather fun in a frustrating way). I managed to endure 4 cycles of vibration before freeing myself from my bonds.
What went well?

Such a simple position gave an unexpected pleasure of helplessness and comfort – I found the whole arrangement surprisingly effective and also very comfortable to be in.

What could be improved?

I always regret not using some method of ensuring I remain helpless for longer – though I freed myself I also wanted to be ‘forced’ to stay bound as well! I know that doesn’t really make any sense, but I think other self-bondagers will recognise the feelings. There is a perverse ‘release’ in my need to be helpless –  knowing that I can’t get free gives me the ability to relax into my bondage and enjoy it even more. If I know I can get free then I can’t stop myself from escaping.

The vibrator – this was starting to annoy me. I’d changed vibrators after my first session and I really wanted to cum this time around (I planned to use the juices as a ‘punishment’ later) but couldn’t even get close. HFO is the most incredible experience when I’m in bondage and simply doing it the ‘traditional’ way just didn’t seem right.

Play safe