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Morrigan and Lilith. - culmor - 16 Sep 2014

To start with, a bit of supernatural cross-dressing slimy tentacle femdom Big Grin

The backstory is that a naïf teenager has 'Mistress Morrigan's Leotard fetish' (remember to read right-to-left)


With the aid of as friend he summons the succubus from her home in Demonworld and when they have sex the effect of his virgin semen is to spread the 'Morritard' fetish to her. She enjoys this all so much she makes an offer, if they swear to forgo human women they can pay visits to her in Demonworld. When they accept they're given outfits of leotards, tights and boots to match hers.

So, here's what happens on a trip to Demonworld:


RE: Morrigan and Lilith. - Like Ra - 16 Sep 2014

(16 Sep 2014, 13:19 )culmor Wrote: [Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=12482]
This one looks like this Realise swimsuit Big Grin


RE: Morrigan and Lilith. - culmor - 16 Sep 2014

Here are a couple of real-life examples of the 'Morritard' fetish.

Akiho Licia.




Akiho is still posting but there's been no sighing of Yuka for years. Maybe his conjuration worked better?