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Latex socks - Tights - 22 Aug 2014

my wife ask me if could find aome latex knie socks..

to wear with mini skirt and black pantyhose

where can i find

RE: Latex socks - NoNeedToBreathe - 27 Aug 2014

you no find

RE: Latex socks - del_user - 27 Aug 2014

Libidex and Westward Bound (both based in the UK) sell them in various styles.

RE: Latex socks - Like Ra - 27 Aug 2014

I suggest chlorinated socks, knee-highs, stockings by Fetisso. Since they are chlorinated, there will be no difficulties in putting them on over pantyhose:

Search eBay DE: Fetisso socken

Also, they are anatomically formed (left and right). I have two pairs of Fetisso stockings. Very satisfied.

Just in case - the latex thickness is 0.4mm, so transparent is not that transparent Wink But black is great.