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RE: Flaccid of the day - Like Ra - 20 Dec 2018

Moved the Tumblr posts to a separate thread

RE: Flaccid of the day - madjack - 03 Mar 2019

This is another of those images that would be fine if not for a simple, but significant, detail...

 bdsmlr-17290-4wEstQgSNb.jpg thumbnail   

Beautiful lady - tick
Bondage - tick
Neck bondage - tick

Barbed wire used for bondage - Nooooooooo thank you  Sad 


RE: Flaccid of the day - madjack - 31 May 2019

Perversely this is, I think, meant to aid erection:

 bdsmlr-350711-yyjG1UOPHy.jpg thumbnail   

… but not for me!  🤔 


RE: Flaccid of the day - madjack - 05 Jul 2019

The only proper place for a spanner is in a toolbox for your car/bike

 bdsmlr-61991-JdiXv5GlQP.gif thumbnail    - (animated) any use to tighten bolts in this area are an instant FOTD for me!

No thanks, I like my ladies to me moist and sweet down there, not needing metal polish and 3in1 oil!!!!


RE: Flaccid of the day - Like Ra - 05 Jul 2019

... don't search for "heavy metal pussy" like I did ...

RE: Flaccid of the day - madjack - 07 Oct 2019

More cock deflating piercing

 bdsmlr-27836-BwIEZOBLdz.jpg thumbnail   

Oh dear me, NO!


RE: Flaccid of the day - Culmor - 25 Aug 2020

The first trailer for the reboot of 'The Batman' was released at the weekend. To be charitable all I'll say is that Zoe Kravitz's Catwoman costume is one I won't be adding to my collection.

 zoe.jpg thumbnail   

RE: Flaccid of the day - Frank - 25 Aug 2020

That looks like it came from the Turkish Batman film!

For me it's the little details that ruin a look. The runs in the nylons & the holes in the leotard. I hope she went to change afterwards.
 KatherineHeigl_DoubtSet_NY101415_36.jpg thumbnail   

RE: Flaccid of the day - madjack - 19 Nov 2020

Now, this is something that really irritates me:

 tumblr_b97eb04c1699601f670291b9b5af37f5_d9725290_540.jpg thumbnail    - what should be a perfectly nice bondage image, with latex and other goodies to grab my attentions, but....

....why those horrible tights? She could be wearing a lovely sheer or opaque pair, but no... I don't even know how you get tights to look so ghastly. I mean, seriously, I'd even prefer fishnets...and you all know my feelings about them! What makes it even stranger is that the image comes form the normally very reliable 'Shortfuse' studio.

Rant over  😁


RE: Flaccid of the day - Like Ra - 19 Nov 2020

(19 Nov 2020, 11:10 )madjack Wrote: why those horrible tights?
... second that ... Bad