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RE: Sissy Men Photos - Tinker D - 05 Jun 2022

@Highinheels66 Well, Buddy List or not, welcome to our list.
I’m sure that there’s a few that think this is some kind of facebook. I for one am happy it’s not.
I have posted a number of threads here. Some had lots of responses, others not so much.
One was a simple request to see if anyone of our group is O.K.
What I got was so many pages that basically off the topic that I wished that I never should have posted it. It got so bad, we had to closed the thread.

I have another thread I thought about posting, but until I word it correctly and not to be accused of being someone I’m not, I will not post it.

I fell into a category once where I could not compete because I was the “ Odd One Out “.

Sure, post anything you like or a question for the group. Share a photo, a story or just chime in on a topic. That’s what I do.

RE: Men in pantyhose (photos) - maid_woman - 21 Mar 2023

Me as a Sissy silly clown  335556561_194358776557338_6980858897138133681_n.jpg thumbnail     336191035_1953056478364447_496108170009436770_n.jpg thumbnail   

RE: Sissy Men Photos - thehuntsauce - 27 Mar 2023

Some pics from the other nite, just received my brand new stilettos in the mail! super stoked!

 20230326_194253.jpg thumbnail     20230326_191854.jpg thumbnail     20230326_194229.jpg thumbnail     20230326_191936.jpg thumbnail