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RE: Men in swimsuits and leotards (photos) - tutuleotardia - 01 Oct 2019

i love being a sissy ballerina please comment on my photos

RE: Interesting crossdressing photos & videos - Poorwhitetrash - 16 Mar 2020

(07 Jun 2019, 14:58 )Like Ra Wrote: No idea where to post this. The animation and TTS are terrible, but the content is fun:

Forced Feminization and Crossdressing - Mom’s out of town!

I also found this video and liked it a whole lot. I also opened a Wordpress blog. is run by Poorwhitetrash also
Feminized for Sissy Slavery
the Power Exchange's sub-gutter reputation suggested.

Gallery Sissy Slave Training
They thought The Ultimate Humiliation and Entrapment of a Sissy was pretty awesome.
You should go see what they're up to. Maybe you'll like their blog as much as they liked yours!
Great posts worth seeing from the new me a sissy:

Me as Stupid Nerd semi CD humiliated - maid_woman - 03 May 2021

I was forced by a "friend" to share pictures of me as a "STUPID NERD" wearing a purple swimming cap, false glasses, latex gloves, pink leggins, black socks and infamous 6" red platform spiked high heel  173042438_567807584201520_8192140353820127595_n.jpg thumbnail    s.  172737099_887333158728724_2991558281464480987_n.jpg thumbnail   

RE: Sissification hypnosis (Warning: dangerous!) - PurpleVibes - 12 May 2021

I didn't really know where to put this... I found it while searching for maid outfits. 😊

RE: Sissy Men Photos - selfbdbicdswitch - 27 Jul 2021

Great photos ladies.  Just a couple of me. This is how I am dressed when I submit for use oral/anal.

RE: Sissy Men Photos - MrSquingle - 19 Sep 2021

Happy me.

RE: Sissy Men Photos - Bound Whore - 19 Sep 2021

Shameless crosspost

RE: Sissy Men Photos - Like Ra - 13 Apr 2022

@Highinheels66 is there a reason why you make pretty much the same posts in multiple threads?

RE: Sissy Men Photos - Vixien - 14 Apr 2022

(13 Apr 2022, 22:27 )Like Ra Wrote: @Highinheels66 is there a reason why you make pretty much the same posts in multiple threads?

Suspiciois if I can say
I've received "Buddy request" from him. Anyone else ?

RE: Sissy Men Photos - Culmor - 14 Apr 2022

Quote:I've received "Buddy request" from him. Anyone else ?
Yes. But IDK what a buddy request' is.