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RE: Sissy Men Photos - Culmor - 24 Aug 2014

I think Chris Millett's ballet outfits worn with full make-up, a flat chest and male hair are classic 'sissy man' material.

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RE: Sissy Men Photos - Tights - 24 Aug 2014

seen him before

RE: Sissy Men Photos - TightSlip - 04 Oct 2018

Heh, heh, heh... 😁

RE: Boys in feminine clothes art - TightSlip - 14 Dec 2018

Locked in, and happy about it... πŸ˜‰
 79301926-192A-4C27-8166-E2C1F92F166A.jpeg thumbnail   

RE: Sissy Men Photos - Sexyassanlegs - 14 Dec 2018


RE: Sissy Men Photos - Althend - 15 Dec 2018

I'm ready for a walk...  😁

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RE: Men in pantyhose (photos) - TightSlip - 26 Jan 2019

Smooth & tightly packaged.
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RE: Some cartoons I like... - gmikeisbad - 26 Aug 2019

(04 Oct 2009, 13:18 )LikeΒ Ra Wrote: Guess what? I have almost all of them in my collection. That means that we have the same fetishes πŸ˜‰
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RE: Bound men in feminine clothes and femdom fetish art - Like Ra - 26 Aug 2019

It's not an art, it's not a man, and the person is not bound 😁
And the most annoying part about all these sissy/feminization/transgender motivators - they always (OK, "almost" always) use photos or cisgirls 😁

RE: Sissy Men Photos - Like Ra - 27 Aug 2019

@gmikeisbad - moved to this thread.