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Full Version: Favourite swimsuit (material)
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Which material is the softest/smoothest/silky/tighest swimsuit material?

I love latex, is tight soft and shiny...

I love silk

I would like to know which swimsuit covers that: maybe Realise?
(01 Aug 2012, 14:21 )Realise79 Wrote: [ -> ]the softest/smoothest/silky/tighest swimsuit material?

Right now I would say - chlorinated latex.
I miss the latex, last garnment i ripped unfortunatly. Is the chlorinated latex as weak as normal latex or a bit more stronger? What about the shinyness? I am a bit of newbie hope you understand.
Chlorinated latex is not stronger, it's more inert I would say. And a wee bit less soft. But very smooth and can be made as shiny as you want.