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Full Version: Strange but still fetish Japanese game shows
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As I said many times the Japanese are balancing on the edge between absurd and perfectness. So are their TV shows. Let's collect them here.
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DERO! Cute girls, a bit of fetish, a bit of bondage and wet clothes:


I do not know what the idea, but the men are wearing pantyhose and they are forced to kiss:

Great finds!

Only the Japanese could come up with some of these (and get away with them on TV!)

Mummy - if this isn't the ultimate self-bondage device then I don't know what is! Where can I buy one? 😁

Burial in sand/plastic pellets and water - nice 'damsel in distress' fun but that's all

Abused head and nurses - just plain weird! 🤔

More please

Oh my... The Japanese have quite a specific sense of humour...

Gaki no Tsukai - The Ass Game

A bit different but still rotating about asses:

Gaki No Tsukai ASS WORK

Evil ninjas in latex zentai 😁

No Laughing Allowed - 'Humor word relay' - gakinotsukai

(25 Jul 2012, 02:06 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]TORE! and mummification (thanks to ghost-tie):

Only just discovered this post! So now I know what my winter DIY project is going to be... haha. I had always considered something like this but was stuck on the idea of rotating the person not the material (and using 2 spindles makes it much more balanced).

1 motor + linkage for raising/lowering the spindles and 1 for rotating the arms should work.

My main concern would be the unwrapping stage. I'm not sure that simply rotating the arms in reverse would be sufficient...
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