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Full Version: Selfbondage rope hogtie
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To do this technique you use ideas from Karada 1 and Karada 4, plus an leg cuff for your ankles, a good length of rope, then wrist restraints and a release mechanism of your choice.

You can pre-tie Karada 4 for up and down. Then, instead of cutting the ropes there, leave them much longer like you would for Karada 1. You lace up the Karada from the top down, again, like you would for Karada 1. You leave the ropes long enough so that you can tie them around your thighs like in Karada 1 ( or use them for a frog tie like ( A third choice is to tie it like a hobble rope around your thighs.

Once you have the Karada tied how you want it, you put the ankle cuff on. After that, you double the rope and wrap the bight around the ankle cuffs, then put the rope through the bight. You use the long length to tie it through one of the diamonds in the back of the Karada - depending on which diamond and how tight you pull it you can pull your legs back a long way. When you put it through the diamond, break one rope right, one left, and then run them through the ankle cuff again - I'd recommend at least doing it twice (but 3+ is good depending on how tight it will be). That will put your legs in the regular hogtie position.

You can put on your wrist restraints and locking and release mechanism. You can put the wrist restraints in the back through one of the diamonds of the Karada, or through the ankle cuff (depending on how tight the rope between the Karada and the ankle cuff and how flexible you are).
Just thinking about it I should've put an "ankle coil" instead of ankle cuffs, as the coil is made out of rope (which is what I used) instead of some other type of cuff (handcuffs, etc.) then tie the ankle coil to the back of the karada harness with another piece of rope (so you use three total - one for the harness, one for your ankles, one to connect the ankle coil to the harness).
Two suggestions:

Simply use a rope for your ankles, that is long enough to leave you with at least one meter of rope when done. Pull this rope through the harness, then between your legs and back around the leg tie. You just created a pulley, which makes twice as easy to pull the legs towards you, your arms can probably overpower your legs now. Pull as tight as you like, then tie off around the "pulley", directly at the ankles. Or...

Instead of pulling tight, preferrably with an even longer rope, tie the end of the rope to one of your wrists behind your back. Then grab the rope near but not at the wrist with your other hand, turn that hand inwards (right hand would be clockwise) to create a loop that goes around the fingers, thumb is outside. Get the thumb in too, grab the free end of the rope with the other hand, pull tight, until both hands are close together. Now, do the same with the other hand. Repeat with alternating hands, until you run out of rope. While doing this, your ankles will automatically be pulled towards the harness, the hands will be pulled towards your ankles. The last loop will be tricky, if you want it really tight. In order to adjust the length of the rope, you can do one loop around both wrists before doing the last loop, which should be around one wrist again. For release, pull off loop by loop with the other hand. Each loop is exactly like a loop from wrapping your arm from wrist to elbow, i.e. when looking down your arm towards the hand, the rest of the rope goes accross the part of the rope that comes from the other wrist. You can tie yourself very tightly this way and when pulling on the remaining rope, the tie will tighten. But you only need a little slack on the last loop in order to peel it off. Actually, you should remember this when doing the last loop during the hogtie. I never managed to get stuck that way, but it doesn't mean, that you won't. There is a slightly better explanation in a post "rope bondage for beginners". The main point of this suggestion is, that you don't need any extra device for your hands, and this hogtie feels very real. Oh, and I got an idea for a timing too: You only need a padlock and a working time release for the keys to it. Once you have finished tieing your hands, there is probably enough rope to tie a short sling - there shouldn't be much more though, or it won't work. The "sling": Make a tiny loop, pull some of the rope through the loop, just like tieing your shoe-laces. Secure with a padlock, key is out of reach until the timer kicks in. You might need a very big padlock to make it really secure, perhaps wrapping some insulation tape around the bar helps too. The original idea was to shorten the rope, so you cannot get off the last loop around your wrist. Instead, that loop could be so close to the last wrist-loop, that you can't get it off. ha! This needs to go into a separate thread, so other people can find it under "ice timer for rope self bondage". If you have any questions, ask!