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Full Version: Single-gloves in self-bondage - Strap Securing
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I am very fond of the armbinders / monogloves by ozbondage, just way too expensive. But while looking at their gallery, I found an interesting detail on the straps:

To understand it, have a look at these images:

[Image: White6a.jpg]

[Image: blue-armbinder.jpg]

here to website

As you can see, the "main strap" ends in a leather plate where the shoulder straps are attached. It seems like the straps are attached with stud buttons. Actually, there shouldn't be too much strain on these buttons, as the main force applies to the fold of the strap, around the metal ring.

Now, how does this translate to self-bondage?

Stud buttons can be undone fairly easily, you need to pull the end of the strap into the right direction. This could be accomplished by a string attached to the strap, or the strap has a ring at its end, that can be hooked somewhere.

In the case of an ozbondage monoglove, I would replace the buckle of the center strap with a device that lets you pull tight, but not lose. The shoulder straps would be provided with rings at the ends to open them for escape. Finally, you need to use the ring at the end of the glove to pull it off. Of course, the lacing cannot be too tight, or you wouldn't be able to get in at all.

If someone comes up with a clever method to deal with the lacing of the ozbondage monogloves (tighten it, and release later on), I might actually save up for one. If someone comes up with a similar model, but much cheaper (let's say, less than 100 €), I might buy one straight away.
What about panic snaps? eBay: panic snap* T
(24 Jun 2012, 00:03 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]What about panic snaps? eBay: panic snap* T

Panic snaps like that are useless, how would you operate them? There are different designs, using a pin with a ring. However, even bulkier than your panic snaps.

I stick with my idea of stud buttons and ring. It is elegant and only requires a leathercrafter to work on the straps, no need to explain anything to him.

Here the design in detail:

(24 Jun 2012, 11:45 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]using a pin with a ring
Yes, I meant this design. I bought one several years ago.

(24 Jun 2012, 11:45 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]how would you operate them

It should work similar to your idea - pull on the the ring (what will unlock the pin) and tug the glove down with arms.

(24 Jun 2012, 11:45 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]even bulkier
That's true.
When I thought about it a little more, I found, that a single panic snap attached to the center strap won't do. The other two straps are still connected to each other and secured by the neck of the wearer.
(( If someone comes up with a clever method to deal with the lacing of the ozbondage monogloves (tighten it, and release later on), I might actually save up for one. ))

Here is an idea.
A while back, I went to a toystore, and bought some plastic balls. Thay came in a net type bag with a draw-string. The drawstring has a nice little latch that allows you to pull the strings through to close the bag.
To open the bag, you press a little button and the strings slide and the bag opens.

Some laundery bags have these clips as well.

Therefore, If you have one of these clips, I wonder how hard would it be to add a ring or hook or something so all you have to do, is to pull a string or hook it somehow and pull. The laces would be free and the armbinder would loosen.

Think that might work?

Hmm..... Maybe I should change my ID. I do tinker a lot.
Maybe Tinker D ???
I found a similar design on ebay:
DE Store: FetWorld -> Leather-Armbinder

However, length of all sizes 18", circumference at the opening minimum 18" (size s), up to 27" (size L). Doing some maths (see below), I found, that size s is almost good for me, except that it is still a little short and a little too wide. I think, a good size would be 20" long with 15" circumference. This would really squeeze my arms together, but there is lacing, wider is possible anyway. I have asked the seller, if he could do something about the length.

This monoglove seems to have the same strapping as the one from ozbondage and it costs so much less. It might be just the right test item to have.

Some rough monoglove-maths (perhaps someone could verify this)

My arms have a circumference of 27 cm above the elbow, almost circle shape. In the glove, pressed together (beyond ultimate, theoretical value), they will be squished into a D-shape, which is more circumference, while the area (in cm²) of the cross section will remain the same.
If r0 is the original radius of one arm and r1 half the length of the straight line of the D-shape:

r0² x pi = r1² x pi / 2 (same area of both shapes)
which translates into
r0² x 2 = r1²
r0 = 13.5/pi = 4.30 cm
r1 is sqr(4.3²x2) = 6.08 cm

Put a D and a mirrored D together, and you get a circle. In this case, the circle has a circumference of 6.08 x 2 x pi = 38.21 cm, which is equivalent to almost exactly 15". Ok, this is both my arms above the elbow, pressed together into a single circular column shape. Apparently, a monoglove would need to be a bit wider than that.

In case, the arms where completely inflexible (wooden arms for example), it would require the circumference of two columns each having a radius of 4.3 cm. That is the circumference of one arm plus 4 times the radius.
27 + 4.3 x 4 = 44,2 cm or approximatelx 17-1/2". This result should be higher than the circumference of the perfect monoglove for my arms.

The size actually needed should be somewhere in between 15" and 18".
In this case, I like imperial sizes, since "somewhere in between 38.1 and 45.72" sounds silly 😁 .

Now for the length, which seems short. My arms, from elbow to fingertip are 45 cm long. The glove is said to be 18" or 45.72 cm long. Doh? Let's see:
45.72cm (now I will stick with metric sizes again) is the vertical length of the glove. The sides must be longer. The glove is like two orthogonal triangles. For the length ratio of the lines of such triangles, we learned a² + b² = c². c is the length of the outside - the value I am looking for, a is half the width or 1/4 of the circumference, b is the vertical length.
a = 45.72 / 4
b = 45.72
(c² = a² + b²)
c² = 2090.3184 + 130.6449 = 2220.9633
c = 47.13 cm
Ok, sort of "doh", but not as much as the original value. And, taking into account the irregular shape of the arms, the most inflexible cross section of the elbows and the fact, that the arms form another angle than the outer shape of the glove, the difference to the original value might be neglectable. The glove will pretty much end at my elbows.
Following my calculations of the previous thread, I bought a new monoglove, but from a different seller -

I bought the cheap one for 26.45 € incl. shiping. Delivery was quick. So far, quality seems fine, only the straps are pretty short. The material is softer and thicker than I thought, comes close to leather, but it is more stiff and probably not as strong. The lace is very thin and has low friction, I think, higher friction would be better for self bondage. Measurements are almost the same as the American ones.

When I open the lacing completely and set the straps as long as possible, I can put it on, straps crossed on my chest, i.e. the straps cannot slip off the shoulders. I hooked the lacing to a door handle and pulled tight, which seems to make the glove secure. The lacing didn't close entirely and, as expected, my arms where still a little bit apart. However, this is much more comfortable than an elbow tie with rope, nothing cuts into the arms. As for the length, just above the elbows, this might do. If you manage to get out the elbows a little bit, you can apply a lot of force to the upper part of the glove and break it, that shouldn't happen.

Of course, at this stage, the low-friction lacing will losen quickly. This is where the previously discussed clamp device will come in. This is more tricky than I thought: In order to close the lacing, the device should be pushed against the glove, so best be fixed to it. The only reliable release I can think of so far is to have a string on the clamp to pull it off. The clamp isn't ultra-tight, when you pull directly on the lace, it slips easily. But how could I pull it off, if it is fixed to the glove?

Well, the clamp consists of a "body" with a T-shaped piece that goes through. the T-shaped piece has two holes on the horizontal line, the T is pulled into the body with springs, blocking the string going through the holes. In order to release the string, you push the bottom side of the T. I will add a third hole in the center, to fix the release string there. In the perfect situation, pulling the release string will even free the lace, but at the moment, I won't rely on that. However, it will make a secure fixing point, the relase string can't come off easily.

I will upload images when this is done successfully.
Small change of plans: The clamp device for securing the lace is much too weak. I can easily pull the lacing open from inside the glove. Perhaps a softer and thicker lace will help, but I might need to find a stronger clamp anyway.

Instead, I could make experiments with modified buckles (with a rubber ring, buckles can be made self-fastening).

My goal is to find methods for using the ozbondage monoglove alone. So far, I think, it requires a lacing control, because this monoglove is so tight, that putting it on or taking it off with fully closed lacing might be impossible. If this is the case, though, no modifications to the straps might be needed. However, the straps have buckles, many other bondage devices have buckles too, so finding out more about buckles can't hurt.
Another update:

I "re-wired" the clamp device. Now, the lace goes completely through all holes of the single glove, then through the clamp, then again through the upper holes. This provides the same "holding effect", the clamp is held back when the lace is pulled tight. But there is more friction, two more holes of lacing, and the lace is lead half around the device too.

It is harder to pull tight now, but still doesn't make a big difference, pulling is straight against the clamp. Opening though is much harder. This is pretty close to what I wanted. The lace itself is very thin and hard. Perhaps a softer and thicker one would be even better.

Release is fairly simple, as it turned out: The glove is too flexible, too short and too wide. If the clamp device slides a bit, I can't tell, it doesn't slide back all the way it needed to in order to get the arms out just like that. It requires some wiggling to get one elbow out, still easy though. That is good, because it allows me to experiment freely with the lacing without being afraid that the monoglove might break.

So far, I didn't manage to close the lacing completely. Perhaps it does close completely at first, but then opens a little again, perhaps not. It would require a lot of mirrors in odd places to tell without a helper.

Anyway, this is a good step towards the ozbondage monoglove or a similar model. With my idea of the strap release, there should be no problem with a closing-only lacing - though, once I got one, I will make sure that this is correct 😉 .
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