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Full Version: Online BDSM in 3D
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I didn't expect this where I found it:




It is a monster from the Korean online game Requiem Bloodymare, an MMORPG with the theme "Horror". This monster is a human-devouring plant and possibly uses the brain of the victim for mobility. It is called "Humanivarous".
BDSM is no subject in this game at all, it is set in a medieval style, with magic and horror monsters. Apart from this monster, there is nothing that remotely refers to BDSM. But in case I find more, I will post pictures here.
Actually, there are horsewomen with naked torsos. I will take some pictures if I see them again. No BDSM, but at least nudity, and they look somewhat sexy, although the horse body is partially rotten (they are undead). This is, how a properly living person looks (my avatar, who you can see in stealth mode on the second image too):

(29 May 2012, 19:30 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]an MMORPG with the theme "Horror".
Yes, horror is definitely there...