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Full Version: PVC Bedclothes - an experience
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It was cheap, and so I recently ordered a bedsheet, duvet cover and pillowcase in black pvc. The parcel arrived a few days ago and I tried it the same night.

Sizing: The bedsheet was exactly the size indicated, i.e. not - as expected - it is not suitable for a matress of that size. For duvet cover and pillowcase I didn't know exactly the sizes, but my estimations worked well.

Pillowcase and duvet cover have no zipper, the openings stay open. That's probably bad for those, who like watersports, but no real concern for me.

Material: The pvc is strong, outside shiny and the inside rough-dull. there is a strong typical pvc-smell, which, according to some customer reviews fades quickly. Actually, the backside is not sexy at all, but it remains invisible while in use.

Well, I decided to spend one night in my new bedclothes - naked, for a complete experience. On the first touch, the pvc is cold, but it warms up quickly. My duvet is fairly heavy and so the pvc hugged nearly all of my skin. I tried to read a book, but the constant stimulation from the pvc kept my brain too busy and so I decided to sleep. Once in a suitable position, the special pvc-feeling slowly faded, I calmed down and would have been able to sleep. But there is another effect of the pvc, it reflects heat. After a little while, I was almost boiling and so I had to give up. In the end, I wrapped myself into the bedsheed, finished the experiment and turned my bed back to normal.

PVC bedclothes are certainly good for having sex and watersports, to impress your fellow fetishists or shock your family, but unless you are used to sleep in a sauna, they are not suitable for sleeping. This is especially important for those, who like to spend their nights in timed bondage. Well, it goes over the normal bedclothes and can be taken off in seconds.
Sounds very close to my latex bed experience. You can try to sleep in pantyhose encasement and a swimsuit. The nylon layer will help to diminish overheating and sweating.
I have quite some open space in my private room, and therefore, the pvc bedsheet will serve as playground on the floor there.

In Summer, I could use the duvet cover alone, without inserting anything.

Apart from that, I have slept in a tight pvc robe aeady, that doesn't seem to preserve the heat at all.

Nylon encasement sounds right concerning the heat. Unfortunately, I cannot sleep at all, when restrained. If I had a nylon fetish, this would be interesting though, perhaps a full set of nylon bedclothes, including pajamas 😊 .
(18 May 2012, 15:19 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]Nylon encasement sounds right concerning the heat. Unfortunately, I cannot sleep at all, when restrained.
No, I did not mean "restraints". Just a pair of pantyhose on legs, a pair on arms/hands and a swimsuit to keep everything in place.