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Full Version: Dog at Haidresser inspired selfbondage
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Ever been to a shop where dogs get a haircut?
They put the dog on a table, standing on its legs but almost suspended in air by one or two leashes, so if it tries to run away, it will just fly a bit and return to its spot. Looks something like this:
I have been wondering how this could be done on a person. There is one obvious thing person can do that dog can not: Simply stand on his/her legs and untie the leash. So, to make this work, we need to make that "trick" impossible.
Finally found a working setup, and tried it. No photos unfortunatelly taken, however here is a drawing of the scene:
The main trick is a rope loop around each leg and the heel on the feet of the same leg. That way you need to stay on your knees, making it almost impossible to stand up. One loop instead of two could be used, but it would make it difficult to separate your knees and your posture could be unstable.
Second trick to make standing up completelly impossible consists of tying the hind "leash" to your balls. While they can stand surprisingly hard pull, trying to stand up would put your whole weight pulling your balls back, so you will preffer not to do so. 😇
The order of getting in is this:
Tie a cord (4mm clothline for example) to an iron ring.
Create a double loop around your chest from a thick rope (8mm clothline) under and over your breast if you use any, going trough the ring placed on your back.
Tie a loop of a thick clothline around your balls, and tie it to a second 4mm cord.
Root the two cords to a pair of two ring "one way" devices LikeRa describes in the bondage basics section, with the pull ends reaching the floor.
Pull these ends only enough so you can still lay flat on the floor.
Now, stand on your knees and tie a thick line loop around one leg and the heel on its corresponding feet. Second loop for the other leg and heel. If you do not use any heels, you could probably do simply go around your feet, but do not make loops around each feet as this cord will be quite tense and would cut off blood in your feet.
Make it now into the dogie position and pull HARD on the hind string, so you will not be able to sit down back, less to stand up. You can try to lift one leg and pull again so the cord can be tensed a bit more.
Now, pull the front cord in a way that you will still be reaching the floor confortably by your elbows.
As final step, put a prepared multiple loop of cord around your wrists and tighten it in middle with a short, thin cord. Make a thorough knot on it using your hands annd teeth. There are also instructions for making the wrists loop in the selfbondage basics sections of this site, thank you, LikeRa.
You can try to move around a bit, but your hands are quite useless unless you are a real contorcionist. Specially if you made all the previous knots on all your ropes really tight strong or simply out of reach, on your back...

Now, you can try to "walk" around a bit, to learn how the little dog must be feeling... specially with the nice extra of being your balls what pulls you back to your right place. 😇

How to get out?
I kept a knife on the floor, near the hands. First, I cut the short cord tightening the wrists loop. Then, with a freed hand, I reached a knot of the heels loop and untied it. However, you could also cut off the cords you are hanging from, or the loops around your legs.

This could be pimped up by a timer release device, but the posture is not too confortful, I dont think I could wait 3 hours for an ice lock to melt 😇

this is a really awsome idea 😊 i will try that, next time!