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Full Version: Spread-eagle self-bondage using tights (US=pantyhose)
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I tried the spreadeagle using just three pairs of tights and found it inescapable so be careful. Luckily I was using two of the uprights to my 4-poster and could reach the knots and untie one with my fingers through the nylon but it then occurred to me that if I had put an ice cube in the toe of each leg before knotting them around the uprights, I wouldn't have been able to untie them until the ice melted.

So - improved technique!!:- put an ice cube down each of the multiple legs and then lock each leg where you want it. In my case I can wrap the tights around the 4-poster upright as many times as I want and then padlock the cube in the toe back to the leg. Now there's no escape until one cube melts.

Thinks . . . . . . . . . wonder if that'll work lying down with my ankles aeady secured to the other two uprights . . . . . . . Hmmmmm - must have an early night tonight! Wink
It works. 😁

However - if you cant reach the anchor points for the feet of the tights, you may have problems. 😯

Try a "dry run" with no ice in the tights to make sure the toe of the tights will pass through the hasp of the lock when it's locked around both the foot and the leg. Your padlock needs to be large enough for this to be possible and small "luggage" locks may not be as several layers of reinforced toe can be surprisingly bulky. Also, if you wind the tights several times round your anchor point, it can be incredibly difficult to pull undone even with no ice as the layers tighten on each other. Confusedhock:

Anyway, with a short rope looped twice round the base of my "member" (behind my balls) and the crotch of my panties and tied tight enough to make an erection permanent then with the loose ends tied together to form a loop, I tied a rope from one ankle cuff round one of the bottom corner posts of my 4-poster, up through the loop, down to the other corner post and round it to the other ankle cuff so that moving my legs pulled on the loop. Then I struggled into the tights with my arms and I was stuck until the ice melted!

Magic!! (and very frustrating!!! Wink )
hi, im curious to try this but don't quite understand how it works, does anyone have a photo?

So you put your arms in and they grip you so tightly you cant pull them out again? Its hard to believe!
stuart.t.woods Wrote:hi, im curious to try this but don't quite understand how it works, does anyone have a photo?

So you put your arms in and they grip you so tightly you cant pull them out again? Its hard to believe!

ok so i just tried it, and oh yeah it really does swallow your arms up. And there is no way to slip them out. So it doesnt really grip your arms as such its just impossible to leverage them in a way where they will come out. I also knotted them and the more you pull the tighter they get. I used 5 pairs.

So yeah after a brief panic I freed myself just by falling forward and pulling myself out, but yeah you could get really stuck really easy depending on how free the rest of you is. So I might try it again some time with ice. I guess on the plus side you could always rip your way out if you had to.

Try this with caution!
Wow! Thanks for posting this! I haven't used the method (no bed posts to tie the pantyhose legs to), but I would use ice, indeed (see here)
Ha! I can use bed legs instead of posts. I want to finally try this method. Gonna start with only one pair of 40den (easily "rippable") pantyhose.

Verrrry interesting post - one I'd not really read before... 😯ops:

Think I will also be trying this one out as soon as time (and situation) permits... but cautiously - just in case! Lol

I'd read about the technique, but never about someones experience of using it and I'd actually dismissed it as 'not workable' - I guess it's time to think again.

As with other comments, I would love to see a photo(s) of this method in action - especially if they show a good release method.

Excellent and useful post


madjack Wrote:especially if they show a good release method.
I still think that this method is the way to go. All you need is ice blocks and two padlocks. And pantyhose, of course.
Hopefully I can try this one day if I am brave
I tried (dry run) that method on Saturday.. and ... it works indeed. Some interesting things to mention (just a brain dump):
  • during the test I was wearing not-so-slippery pantyhose on my hands plus a water-polo swimsuit to keep them in place
  • I loosely tied the pantyhose legs to the bed legs with a rope
  • while "bound" I could reach each rope with one of my corresponding hand
  • it was not easy to insert my pantyhose clad arms into the pantyhose "sleeves", I had to help with the other hand (the pantyhose were loosely tied down, so I could do this)
  • the pantyhose band could dug into your shoulders if not put on correctly, I had to help with my other hand again
  • getting out was out of the question - I could not do that without untying the knots
You can try the following: try to put pantyhose (not tied to anything) on your arms just like a coat (the crotch, band, etc should be behind your back and shoulders). Make them sit comfortably on your shoulders. Then try to take them off.
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