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Full Version: Ball Ties
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(16 Apr 2007, 01:12 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ltie1.html</a><!-- m -->
WELL.. skfefiefwker990kofwwefnm ifoiuqwdfon,,, I have just come up with a lovely little idea for a dildo retainer or butt plug what ever takes your fancy. I have put a small chain around and fixed to dildos far outer end so when it is inseted the rest of the chain can be tied tightly around my balls and dick with a plastic tie, this will stop it coming out. there is then a bit of chain left over to go off to one of my water releases.I plan to tie my hands off out of reach and have the wait for water to get lost sort of thing. should drive me mad not being able to play. Cheers all. Paul

Oops... The remains from the old forum software. I corrected the link. It's actually not about balls, but about one of bondage positions. See the link above.