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Full Version: Another story (with illos... ;) )
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It's twelve minutes past six on Saturday morning as I write this report and I've been awake since three. An empty whisky glass smeared with dark red lip-prints sits to the right of my laptop. I've been a damned fool and think I may have paid the price for it. Guardettes will of course be aware of our recent orders to write accounts of our experiences wearing our Guardettes uniforms outdoors. I answered SPECTRE Command that as a new recruit I had not yet done so, which was correctly interpreted as a refusal to obey a direct order. I of course gave a full apology and assured Section Leader 15 I would comply with the order as soon as possible, within twenty-four hours. Thankfully SPECTRE has been very lenient with me this time and I assure the operatives reading this report my insolence act will not be repeated.

Not having time to arrange anything more complicated I decided the experiment of wearing my uniform outdoors must take place in the garden of my house. It will be necessary to explain the layout in some detail for you to properly understand my the events of the small hours of this morning. I live in a semi-detached house in a quiet suburban cul-de-sac of around thirty properties, my house (number three), is the second on the left. I decided that the rear garden surrounded as it is by two metre high fencing on either side with a tall leylandii hedge at the far end twenty-five metres away is too secluded to qualify as 'properly' outdoors and that there must be a very slim but still real chance of being seen by someone to really experience the true feelings of exposure and humiliation the Guardettes uniform is designed to instill in its wearer.

As I wrote, my house is semi-detached and the second in the road. The front door faces the road and there is a lawn with a copper beech hedge between it and the footpath about eight metres away. Between myself and my neighbour if first a narrow flowerbed with climbing shrubs which cover the end wall if my house, then a concrete drive leading to my garage in the rear garden, then another copper beech hedge a little under a metre tall. On the far side of that is my neighbour's drive then a similar narrow flowerbed, just bare earth with a few winter pansies at this time of year. However their house as no front lawn or drive as the front garden is gravel to provide parking for their and their two grown-up childrens' four cars. Both myself and my neighbour have automatic PIR activated security lights to our drives and front doors. As the first preparation for my experience on returnibg home from work I removed the halogen bulbs from mine, of course I could do nothing about my neighbours, I hoped it wasn't too sensitive! I remembered my neighbours mentioning they were vising their elderly parents for the up north for weekend anyway so I had no need to worry there.

I had decided the safest time to venture out would be around four in the morning and I would need a few hours sleep before then. Around eight-o-clock I started further prepations by assembling my uniform and laying it out on the bed in the guest bedroom. Gaff, black wonderbra and silicone falsies, my talced rubber leotard and gloves and my 125mm heeled leather boots. As I would be attemting to rmain inconspicuous I also chose my Danskin ultra-shimmer tights as they appear very slightly darker than the 40 denier Wolfords (though no more opaque) and my open-faced lycra hood. To have the clearest possible vision in the darkness I didn't intend to wear my dark glasses outdoors but I had permission to wrar them for the photos I had to post to my commander so I laid them out alongside the hood. I put my make-up box next to the uniform, ran a hot bath and checked my legs were completely hairless. By nine-o-clock I was in bed, my alarm-clock set for three am. However I was aeady so excited at the prospect of going outside for the first time in uniform I couldn't sleep. Eventually I went to the guest bedroom, put the gaff on and tucked myself up. I managed to get some broken sleep but was aeady awake when the alarm went off. Looking out of the bednoom window I saw all the houses in darkness except for a bedroom almost opposite where the flicker of a television could be made out through closed curtains. There was a street lamp on my side of the road at the junction with the main road, the next was on the far side a few doors down. Thankfully the local Council is experimenting with those new 'green' LED street lights that give a very white light straight down without the 'sideways spread' of the old yellow sodium ones. All was set. Grateful for the gaff I went to the spare bedroom and took my make-up case to the vanity unit.

Dressed only in my bra and gaff, falsies and a wig cap I worked through concealer, foundation and powder, then started on my eyes. As they wouldn't be covered I went for a really heavy 'Amy Winehouse' look but decided it needed still more and added dark purple eyeshadow, then blusher. I carefully pulled on the hood and added my favourite thick and creamy purple lipstick to match the eyeshadow. It's made by Christain Dior and called 'Plastic Gloss' it really does make your lips look like pvc. On with the shiny dance tights and then to the bathroom to talc myself and get into my rubber, then polish it till it gleams. Finally I cinched my belt tight, zipped up my boots and headed downstairs.


I left the house via the back door, leaving the keys in the outside of the lock, As an extra precaution I locked the dead-bolts out so it couldn't even blow shut Earlier I made sure the gate between the house and garage was propped open so I wouldn't make a noise opening it. The ironmongery was years old, rusty and stiff. I walked a short way down the rear lawn and waited a few minutes for my eyes to ajust to the darkness. Thankfully the weather, though heavily overcast, was dry but the strong wind froze my thighs in their thin tights. Slowly I inched through the open gate and onto my drive. The I realsied something I hadnt though of, with the gate open I'd be silouetted against the open space to any passer-by Still wary that next door's security light might detect me I inched along the wall until I came to a dense climbing evergreen shrub, a Ceanothus I think it's called. It offered me a little cover and I decided this was where I would stand sentry. Standing to attention facing the road I stared ahead at the house opposite. I was deep in sub-space now, my imagination working overtime. A transvestite SPECTRE guardette, every item of her uniform selected for its fetishistic appeal. Every item of clothing skintight and shiny, the makeup of a dominatrix but a total submissive...

Time passes, im my fantasy I don't know whow long. I snap back to reality as I hear a car turn into my road, but it stops immediately. I hear voices and car doors slam slightly to heavily. Headlights briefly scan the road and the car is gone. I relax a little, that was close, the I hear footsteps and voices. Slightly unsteady footsteps in high heels, giggling voices and they're aeady passing my front hedge. I can't make it back through the back gate in time now, any movement will give me away. I freeze and try to shrink back into the Ceanothus as silently as I can. As the figures cross my drive I see the outline of three young women in skimpy clothing and realize a taxi has dropped off the three girls from a night's clubbing. Intent on their conversation and their mobiles none of them look back as they cross my drive and for a milisecond I breathe again, hidden in the darkness.

But they stop at my neighbours' drive and I realize, shit, shit, shit! One of them is my neighbours eldest daughter! That means as she walks down her drive the security light will come on! Shit, shit, shit!! I need to think fast but I see my chance! As the girls say their goodnights they have a brief group hug and not one appeared to be looking my way! I drop to my knees and crawl as fast as I can to the shelter of the beech hedge. At the base it is thinner than higher but its the only cover I have. I can see only glimpses of the girls though gaps in the foliage but thats good, it means I'm hidden me too. I hear more 'goodnights' and the sound of heels on my neighbours gravel. The brilliant halogen security light snaps on and I can see a little through the hedge, My neighbour's daughter, she must be twenty-two now, is stood on her front doorstep in her black leather clubbing outfit rummaging in a small clutch bag. I remain frozen and stare through the leaves at her patent high-heeled stiletto knee-boots, shiny sheer black tights and micro-mini skirt. A tight black sequined crop-top under a short leather jacket completes her outfit. Her long jet-black hair is swept up into an extravagant do that is so fashionably careless it must have taken hours to arrange. Her make-up is hearly as heavy as mine, a wet dream to a fetish perve like me.

She rummages in the bag again. Does she smoke? I'm unsure, but she pulls out her mobile instead of cigarettes. She calls someone and her conversation is entirely in whispers and titters and seems to continue for ages as I crouch behind the hedge. She calls someone else and a very smilar conversation follows. To my horror this conversation ends with much louder 'Bye now!' . I hear a key turn and then the sound of the door closing. I don't move a muscle until the security light turns itself off when I crawl back to the my rear gate.

Inside my house I pour myself a stiff Ardbeg. I'm still shaking with a mix of fear and a weird excitement at the embarrassment and humiliation of last night's events. I have no absolute proof of whether I was spotted or not and whether she's told her girlfriends who also live in the Close or whether I'm just being paranoid. I guess my only option is to prentend it all never happened and look the all the residents straight in the eye when I meet them in the street...