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Full Version: Test uploading images
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Just a test post to see how including images does work.

A latex angel, uploaded:

Text on left [attachment=4688] Text on right

And no, it is not me on the pic πŸ˜‡

And hey, we can write a source code here! Will be useful to describe the bondage procedures...

#include <bindings.h>
#include <latex.h>
#include <plugins.h>

for(int extremity = 0; extremity < (this->isMale() ? 5 : 4); extremity++)
while(!iceMelted()) sleep(1);

Do you have more such test images? ;-P If yes, upload them here:
(12 Dec 2011, 16:47 )whiteangel Wrote: [ -> ]#include <plugins.h>

testing multiple image dump

YES! WEBP can be uploaded now!
(10 Nov 2020, 02:37 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]YES! WEBP can be uploaded now!

nice, but the real question is can @Tinker D see it?
(10 Nov 2020, 04:11 )essanym Wrote: [ -> ]nice, but the real question is can @Tinker D see it?

Yes, I checked it on my iCrap in Firefox - works fine 😊

testing animated webp uploads
(17 Nov 2020, 16:05 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]testing animated webp uploads

Ah.... no thumbnail ... Did you get an error?
Don’t you know ??

And you call yourself an IT guy πŸ˜†
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