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Full Version: Fetish wife
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I'm trying to get my wife in to a bit more than just latex outfits etc. I have bought a fetish rope and ball gag set. I would love to have her dressed in her latex catsuit and tie her down with the restraints and ball gag her. I just can't think how to go about it without her freaking out at me. We're pretty hard core aeady, we enjoy fisting and anal etc, however facials and swallowing, as to mouth, porn etc she's not that keen on ! Any ideas ? Thanks.
To me, fisting sounds much more extreme than sensual bondage. Why don't you start talking about fetish in general and then see what comes up. If she shows any interest, tell her, what you got, and that you like to try it. But remember, any bondage needs good planning and both, sub and dom do it for pleasure.