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Full Version: Nettles Fetish fun
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I thought I would tell you a little story..
I was out the other night taking a piss in the wild and the dark. I did not note that as I was uranating my piss was landing on some nettles in front of me. These nettles got heavy due to the waight of the piss, they then bowed down and hit my tool. I jumped at first then soon noted the feeling was not uncomfortable and in a way felt a bit like the frill you get leading up to cuming.
Well I got a little curious about this and the next night I stung my tool on perpose only this time quite a bit, lots infact. I then over a period of three nights got so into it that i eventualy stung my self as much as i could all over my tool. Well I found some hours latter that my tool went compleatly dead, so dead in fact that i could not fill the end of it and could not take a piss like normal. No I would stand there waiting to go but no feed back from dead tool, I then dicovered to my amazement that i got some feed back from stomack first, it made me cum my load instead of pissing😁
Well just thought i would let you know. Had good one last night and as i type, I still have a bit of a ded feeling in my toolπŸ˜‹ Nice feeling it is
Try it and lets know how you get on Paul
Talk about a fetish...
Hi Paul

Sorry - not convinced!

My whole body screams OUCH, OUCH and even more OUCH! Scare3

I get stung by nettles on a frequent basis (spending as much of my spare time outdoors as possible has it's downs as well as ups) and I can safely say I never, ever, found it sexy!

Think I will pass on this one!

Culmor: I always knew you must be depraved, but really! 😁 (Makes me look positively normal!)

I hated nettle since my early childhood. And insects...
Quote:Culmor: I always knew you must be depraved, but really! Big Grin

Not me but a webfind,

The strict bondage in the first set does look rather good fun though (although boots or locked on shoes with serious heels would inprove it)...also I don't understand why the Domme isn't at least wearing a pair of surgical gloves and preferably some thick latex gauntlets over them... πŸ˜‰


(25 Oct 2011, 21:22 )culmor Wrote: [ -> ]Not me but a webfind,

also I don't understand why the Domme isn't at least wearing a pair of surgical gloves and preferably some thick latex gauntlets over them... πŸ˜‰

Please forgive me and my warped sense of humour πŸ˜‰

Maybe the Domme is so tough she doesn't need gloves - she probably believes they are only for whimps who deserve a good thrashing! Scare3

(25 Oct 2011, 08:04 )culmor Wrote: [ -> ]Two sessions from 'gorblime':
Hi and thanks all for the repllys. sorry I have not been around to read them. This is a bit of a story. I posted this laast topic and then could not find it posted. I then thought that it had been stopped you know censored sort of thing you know as being weird???I then thought that if this was that sort of forum and i could not speak without upsetting any one. well... so just lost interest in forum. I sort of went of at a tangent and got more into my dressing in fem gear. B
But now to the ones of you that can't believe how nettles can please. you can see that even i found it hard to believe that you could actualy enjoy it, but you can, it is not only a sensation in your toy but a kinky felling in your head. I love it, i can now sting myselfs to hell and not have any pain only nice fellings, I think that no matter how hard and how many times you sting yourself you can only fill the first few then they make you numb and you don't really fill what you would think you would. thanks all Paul
I use nettles in self bondage.I use two laptops with cd draw opening timers one will hold the release key the other the string holding the nettles.Both timers are set to random opening,so I then wait blindfolded, will I feel the keys against my hand or the nettles against my cock and balls first,the anticipation is fantastic,
Well been away for a while so back now. glad some of you have tried the nettles I found out last year that they are around for most of the year.
Well thought I would acknowledge that last post.. I hope you get the nettles first and then the keys as that would be me. Cheers, Paul
Long time since anyone said anything about nettles but I thought I would mention that I love them. The best way to use them in my experience is on my nipples. I find that this adds to the pain and pleasure and really sensitises my nipples for long after such that just even stroking them gently is a real turn on. If i do this repeatedly over a week or so my nipples will remain sensitive for many days running.
I have used nettles on my cock and ass and that fun as well.
One thing I have noticed is that there is a large range of stings and effects. some stings bite but the effect is shortlived while others have very little bite at all.
I am currently in a part of the world where there are no nettles so I am missing this fun.
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