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Full Version: Problems with the selfbondage 'ring device'
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Hi all you happy bondagers!

Seeking some advice on a silly problem 😯ops:

When I use the 'ring device' to tighten my bondage (always the fun part!) I always have a problem with rope twisting around and preventing the method working properly. 😟

As I pull the rope through the two metal loops, it begins to twist and tangle around itself and the rope to my bound hands - making pulling it tight very difficult.

I've tried different ropes (braided nylon, cotton and twisted nylon) but they all seem to suffer the same.

Any suggestions to a cure?

Frustrated and not even in bondage!

I've been searching for a SRD replacement for quite a while now. The last couple of times I used the "one-way buckle" you can find in any DIY, auto-, moto-, travel- shops. I don't remember the exact name, but it looks like a nylon strap with the buckle on one end. If you pull the tail through the buckle and tighten the loop, it will not give up even under heavy load. The buckle has a tab with a spring to release the loop.

You can use the buckle with a strap ( as it is) or replace the strap with a rope. I tried both and found 3mm nylon rope (with a cinch noose on the other ens) better and more convenient than the strap.

One down side. The buckle ruined two pairs of pantyhose I was wearing! So, beware of sharp edges, or choose higher quality (always! 😊
I 'll publish some photos later (yes, yes, I know, it always takes me quite a while,m sorry 😊
Hi Ra!

As always - you have the answers 😁

I have some of the strap/clamp devices you describe - had never thought of using them to replace the SRD - DOH! 😯ops:

I may have to use thinner rope than my usual 8/10mm - so need to experiment before trying a full session (I wouldn't want to get stuck first time out!)

will report back when I can

madjack Wrote:I may have to use thinner rope than my usual 8/10mm - so need to experiment before trying a full session (I wouldn't want to get stuck first time out!)
I use thick (5-12mm) rope for binding and thin (2-3mm) for cinching. (I doubt any of us can break 3 mm nylon rope).

I almost got stuck during my first experiment with the clamps (report follows 😊. I could barely able to get to the knife I dropped nearby.

My advice here is to use a simple ice-lock between the anchoring point and the clasp. If you tighten the rope "a bit too much" and you're not able to reach the knife, key and to get free the ice-lock will (sooner or later) let you go.

Experiments can be even more dangerous than "real" sessions. "No, I'm not doing anything serious, I'm just playing with the buckle ... Ooops ... The rope got stuck in it.... I can't move and I forgot the knife..."

My rule is to always use ice-locks (if it's possible).
Just bought and tried a couple of "ratchet"-type buckles - does not work. The spring is too tight and the surface is too rugged. So, the only ones that work are cheap, flimsy and tend to break right out of the box :-\
You might try kayak supply stores. Kayakers and rafters use a lot of 1 inch nylon straps with smooth, one-way buckles. You can get straps from 2-9 feet with padded or plain buckles.

I've used them for years without a scratch. They work best as simple loops -- around legs, ankles and such. One word of caution: Once you pull one of these down tight, you have to be able to press down directly on the release. Otherwise, you just stay tied. These things are made for strapping kayaks to roof racks. They are industrial strength.
Hi doubleflash,

A couple of questins:

o- Can you tighten the strap with one hand?
o- Can you use a rope instead of a strap?

My problem with the good quality one-way buckles is that I could not tighten them without pressing the locking tab with the other hand.
I've been able to tighten the NRS buckles with one hand pretty well. The tricky part is that once the strap is really tight, you have to be able to press down directly on the release.

You can tie one strap around your shoulders so that the free end of the strap droops down around your ankles. The NRS 12 foot strap & buckle is about right.

Then, lie down and tie another strap around your ankles so the buckle is free. Run the strap from your shoulders through the ankle buckle. Give the strap a few good tugs and you are well and truly hog-tied. Bind your wrists out of reach of the buckle with your favorite device and time release. If you struggle really hard, you might get the hog-tie to give about a 16th of an inch. Have fun!

I've never tried the NRS buckles with rope, just the attached 1 inch straps. I'll give rope a try tonight.... :twisted:

My guess is that with the right rope the buckles will grab rope pretty well, but may tangle in the buckle. We'll see.

Stay safe.

I wanted to give you a better answer to your question about using rope with NRS buckles, so I did a little research.

The experiment went like this. I tried a NRS buckle in a classic hogtie with rope. I was wearing a black Lycra camisole and black lycra tights. My inventory included 20 feet of 3/8" soft-braided nylon rope, 8 foot 3/8" soft-braided nylon rope, 24' wooden spreader bar made from 1" hardwood dowel, 28" wooden police nightstick, condom, lubricant, EMT shears for backup escape, handcuffs and key.

To start, I first looped one end of the 20 foot 3/8" braided nylon rope across my upper back, bringing the ends under my arms then back over my shoulders. I tied the rope with the knot high on my back, leaving about 12 feet free toward my ankles.

Then, I sat down and lashed the short spreader bar between my knees. Then, I tied my ankles together with an NRS strap, leaving the buckle free. For fun, I lashed the nightstick between my ankles so that it pointed backward. I then slipped the condom on to the nightstick, pulled down my tights and lubricated my anus.

By now, movement was getting a little complicated and the ropes are working their magic. This was starting to be intense.

I rolled on to my stomach and managed to thread the 3/8 inch rope through the NRS buckle at my ankles. I pulled the rope through the buckle and tightened it enough to bring the tip of the condom-covered nightstick into contact with my anus. The rope fed through the buckle smoothly. So far, so good.

I pulled the rope a little tighter, forcing the nightstick into my anus a few inches. At this point, I was definitely hogtied! The spreader bar kept me from rolling over. The nightstick twisted and probed in my ass if I moved at all. The buckle worked, keeping the rope taunt.

I tossed the handcuff key about 6 feet away, then handcuffed my wrists in front. I thought that cuffing my wrsts behind my back would have been a little too dicey and this was just an experiment.

To release, I had to wiggle and hump toward the key. This made the nightstick dance in my ass -- very nice. I was sweating by the time I reached the key.

After reaching the key and releasing my wrists, I tried reaching the buckle to release the rope that kept me hogtied. I found that it was difficult to get the rope to feed back through the buckle. It took me about 10 minutes of consentrated fiddling to get enough rope fed through the buckle to let the nightstick slip out of my anus. After that, the rest was easy.

So, the buckle worked with rope, but was releasing was a little difficult. I've done similar scenes using the 1 inch webbing that is attached to the NRS buckles and found that it released much easier.

Hope this answers your question. I think that the scene needs a lot more research.... :twisted:

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