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Full Version: Time release using plain water
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Hi there,

Thought I'd share another time release with you guys. This one uses plain tap water - so no need to freeze it, and can be made out of two soda bottles and a paperclip. I call it the powr: plain ol' water release.
Being somewhat fed up with the hassles of ice releases (not having them available when you'd like, waiting for the water to freeze, ...) inspired me to think of something new.

WARNING: be sure to test it first, that is, before you're tied! If the parts aren't cut correctly to length, if the paperclip hole is at the wrong position or if you do not use enough water, the device will not work.

Having said that, here it is.

Materials needed for the powr:
- Big plastic soda bottle
- Small soda bottle
- Paperclip

How to put the powr together:
1) Cut the big bottle in two parts, making sure that the bottom part is somewhat taller than the upper part


2) Pinch a tiny hole in the cap of the big bottle, using for instance a needle


3) Now take the small bottle. Cut it in half so that it will fit into the bottom part of the big bottle. This will be used as a float that will eventually trigger the release.


4) Take the paperclip and straighten it out. Attach it to the cap of the small bottle in such a manner that the paperclip can still be tilted up and down. (Use a piece of wire, rope, ...)


5) Now make a hole in the wall of the big bottle for the paperclip to fit through. This hole should not be tight.


6) There you go! Fill the upper part of the big bottle with plain tap water, slide your keyring over the paperclip, hang the powr to your ceiling, tie yourself up and feel powrless 😉


The above one released the keys after 3 hours, but the time can easily be adjusted by varying the size of the hole in the cap. You could make a series of different caps and label them. Put them in the closet, and you'll have them available at any time.

Be sure to play safe and share your experiences!

Best regards from Eindhoven.
looks complex. Like a carburator on a car.
Interesting, I missed this post...
Yes, then the water drips into the lower section, the inner bottle will float up like a carberator float, and the pin will lower, releasing the keys.

One can then place the keys on a string so the keys will swing toward you and your release.
The good thing about this design is that the water stays in the bottle and does not spill.
I can't see the pictures, can you repost them? 😉
Do not click on the pictures.
It will tell you to "GO HOME" and will lock up your browser.
Took me 3 mins to get out of image shack loop.
The pictures are gone.
I removed the links to ImageShack (since the photos are disappeared) and left only the file names (who knows, possibly Bakker11 still have the images...)
Welcome back to another episode of bondage on a budget! Today we discuss a method of timed release that needs  no salt or sugar and no cleanup! Materials needed is a cup, a sink, blue tack and wire. 
  Simply place a cup in a sink where half of it is on a solid surface and half is sitting over the side. Get some blue tack or weight material of your choice and add it to the side above the solid surface as this will determine how much weight has to be added to tip over your cup. Now simply turn on the sink on low to determine how much time it takes to fill up and fall over. Make a loop of wire in a g shape that goes around the cup and that the tails end faces down when the cup tips over and have the tail stretch over the edge of the sink and hang your escape key on it.if done properly the key should fall off the hook once the cup falls over from the water weight. Make sure to test it beforehand as it is less reliable then ice.
Wait how the heck did my post get posted onto this one. Is it the similar name?
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