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Full Version: Inflatable plugs
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Everything related to inflatable dildos and butt-plugs
Just curious if you have even experienced an inflatable vibrating plug of good quality that holds pressure. I was looking for a inflatable vibrating plug for one of my scenarios and came across the first one posted. I refrained from purchasing it on a whim due to it's cheap look and according to your post about this plug you didn't seem too impressed by it. So just wondering if you have found an inflatable vibrating plug that isn't tiny that you would recommend. I suppose if I cannot find one then something like the Tatulus would achieve the same if not better effect. Although I do enjoy the pressure of a inflatable...
As an inflatable plug obsessive, I'd love to see this thread get kick started again.

Just to kick things off, here's a clip I scoured device bondage for but couldn't find it anywhere. Busting to see the full version!!!

Love the combo of 2 plugs, bondage and forced hitachi orgasms! !!!
Here's a quick snap of me plugged up, pumped up and loving my latex sheath shorts. 😊 😊
The best feeling in the world!!!!

I would like a pair of shorts like yours.
May I ask what they look like when you just bought them,
The cost and where did you get them?
Hey tinker d...
i got them a couple of years ago from

They're the double skinned pouch shorts with front zip.
anal hole is an extra request. 😉

If you wanna see what they were like when new then you can follow my xtube link in profile. There's a bunch of videos and pics of me in them. Think I even took a video the day I opened the pack!?