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Full Version: Beef-Bros
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* I am writing this using Google Translate, my language is Spanish.

Hi everyone! I recently discovered this wonderful site, full of suggestive pictures not only passionate about the world that encourages us, but also people who speak without fear and express what they really feel and enjoy.

The truth is that for years drew some fetish things, but by a common disinterest in the communities I was cool to stop. However I think here there may be someone they like.

These drawings are among his fetish, latex, hoods, panty poop and other nonsense. Anyway, I hope not to disturb anyone with these drawings n_n

[Image: Soy%2Btu%2BCerdita.jpg]

[Image: Poo%2BPoo%2BPrincess%2B%255BBeef-Bros.%2...1%255D.jpg]

[Image: %2528%2B%2527%2B3%2527%2529%2Bb1.jpg]

[Image: Me%2Bhago%2Bcaca%2Bencima%2521%2B-%2B4.jpg]

[Image: Me%2Bhago%2BCaca%2BEncima%2Brevestida%2B...-%2B04.jpg]


[Image: rubber%2Bplay.jpg]

[Image: Popman%2B%255BBeef-Bros.%2BComics%2521%255D.bmp]
Great art! Thanks much Cepia!

I wish I could speak Spanish ...