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Full Version: DIY enema plug
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This was a project I’d been planning for a long time, but I never seemed to get around to actually doing it – pretty much sums up many similar schemes and ideas of mine I’m afraid! Blush

But, I finally did it and here’s how:

My existing enema plug was brought years ago and is OK, but not great. It’s a typical commercial product – looks and sounds great but never really ‘delivers the goods’ as they say. Originally it was a vibrating plug with a ‘ejaculating’ hand pump that fired a single bulb of fluid into the users ass. The vibration was ok but nothing special and the pump was next to useless in real play, the tube was much too soft and it’s position meant it frequently folded over preventing any fluid flow. The only good feature was the sucker on the base, which could be used to attach the plug to a surface and let you play away.

I’d aeady cut the electrical wire and remove the bulb from the plug – successfully using it many times for enema self-bondage sessions, but it was never quite right. The main issues remained with the tube kinking (wrong sort of kink!) and the plug being too easy to eject (even with a rope harness and layers of nylon/lycra over it).
The new plug would need to have a nice fat body (comfortable ‘fit) and a narrow taper before the wider base to prevent both ‘leaks’ unwanted ejection and ‘swallowing’ (or unwanted ‘ingestion’?)

My materials where:
- an old pen body made of tough plastic (not the brittle plastic ones)
- A used medical inhaler body (emptied of it’s mechanism)
- Plastic collar (from a box of bits it seem to collect)
- Plastic wine cork
- Drill, Glue and tape

…and it goes without saying that all items had been thoroughly cleaned before starting assembly and afterwards.

A: my old plug
- nice, but not good enough with a ‘neck’ that is too small short

B: cut wires and kinked tube
- tube is too flexible and the side connection causes problems with kinking. Cut wires to vibrator motor

C: kit of parts
- the basic materials

D: drilled
- hole through the body for my enema tube

E: part assembled

F: trimmed

G: Mk1 glued and taped ready for test ‘fitting’ – the addition of the plastic cork sideways is to prevent ‘swallowing’ of the plug.


This was almost a disaster Scare3 – the plug slipped inside easily and the seal was excellent, however extraction was a real struggle. The lack of taper on the base of the plug meant I had to use considerable effort to retrieve the plug.

H: Mk2 finished
Tested and proved excellent in fit -added a crude but effective taper to make extraction easier. Proved to have an excellent comfort and seal during MJ-SB01/2011

I’m quite pleased with the results, though they are a little rough around the edges and need careful cleaning after use.

Proof that DIY can be fun, if in a somewhat specialised area😁

When I get back from vacation I'll need to rearrange the site structure somehow to add a DIY section... All these projects must be accessible from one page.
(11 Jul 2011, 19:57 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]When I get back from vacation I'll need to rearrange the site structure somehow to add a DIY section... All these projects must be accessible from one page.

Good plan - and have a great vacation!

Madjack, could you please decrease the dimension/size of the photos and reupload them? They are huge and do not open with "the image cannot be displayed because it contains errors". Thanks!