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Full Version: Nana to Kaoru
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Stickfight should know.
Just read about this manga and the first two chapters - looks like it's very suitable for this site. Trying to download all available chapters.
likeRa, you should have the drop box request in your in box

many thanks
Hm... did not get anything ...
hmmm, just sent again
Got it! Thanks! Downloading now! (To be honest, I've never used dropbox before ...)
302MB wow... Love this manga. OK, that's 130MB of PNG files, converting them to JPG will save lots of space.
cool glad you like them
I just read them online. All 656 pictures or so... I liked the hogtie part, especially its resolution, and I liked the general gentle tone of the manga so far, and how it explores the psychology of it all.
It's not finished yet. So, more to come. Do not have time to read it, still on chapter 4 ;-D
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