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Full Version: Cool Rain Skirt DIY
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I had so much fun making a rain skirt out of an old pvc bicycle rain cape, that I would like to share this in detail.

What you need: A PVC rain cape (other capes work too, but I used such a cape), a pair of scissors and a little bit of patience for a better cutting edge cutting.

I simply cut off the lower 2/3 of the cape - perhaps a bit less or more, about the length I wanted the skirt, plus a few centimeters. I tried to make the cut a bit round, not exactly scientificly, but I hoped to make it follow the hip line better that way, it worked. I also had to trim the bottom line, because someone (not me, I got this cape from a friend) had cut it a bit shorter with an axe or so. That's it, a new rain skirt. I tossed the shoulder part and hood, because it was torn there - and one of the reasons, why I didn't hesitate to recycle it. Actually, the cape was pretty old, dull and wrinkled too, but after a hot shower, the skirt turned out okay.


Now, the result seems a bit wide for a skirt, and actually, it is a special wraparound skirt. For another forum, I made a tutorial and here it is (click the picture below, it will open in a new window, the numbers refer to the steps of the following description).

1. Step into the skirt and hold it tight towards the left.
2. With the right hand, hold together both skirt layers that go off the body.
3. Move the left hand forward and around your body while keeping the cloth tight, the right hand holds the fold in place.
4. Move the skirt layers to your left, until they form a new layer of the skirt.
5. Now the hands swap their positions, grip the upper border at the ends of the triple layer and fold it outside approximately 1 or 2 centimeters. Continue this fold to the front center, then roll it down a bit tightly, to secure it in place.
6. Done 😊

Around the hips, the skirt has to be tight. You have to try, how tight is necessary, it also depends on the material. This method even works with slippery silk, so it is definitely safe. Many men, who wear dhotis or lungis, can confirm this worldwide. In order to believe this, you might have to wear the skirt for a while, best run around, jump, dance etc.

The triple layer of the skirt makes it absolutely walkable, probably you can even do the splits (legs horizontal to the sides). Well, if you are a can-can dancer, better try it without audience first.

Have fun!


And a few pictures

[attachment=2152] [attachment=2153] [attachment=2154] [attachment=2155]

When looking for "rain skirt" in google, I found a few reports of men wearing those as an alternative to rain pants during hiking. The reason mentioned is that in pants - especially rain pants, very especially pvc pants - you sweat much more. I have made the pictures about an hour ago, room temperature is at least 20°C (68°F), I am not sweating although I am also wearing wellingtons, my jeans and a t-shirt (took of the jacket because it was in the way while shooting the tutorial pictures).

I hope that some people pick this up and perhaps even post their images here.