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Full Version: Rain Capes and Ponchos
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You might have noticed that I like capes, especially my new yellow pvc cape. Here is my cape history (including a few ponchos) which I will spice up with images later.

My first cape was not a cape but a rain poncho for bikers, shoulder part with hood, a wide front panel and a smaller back panel. It was made from the classical strong and rubberised raincoat fabric. I used this cape in some SB sessions, but at that time, I had much more interesting rain coats of similar material. Eventually, this cape vanished into thin air.

Then I had a time, when I often went to sex shops to look around, and saw a great rubber cape, buttoned in the front and very slim cut, even the hood was pretty small. The price was outrageous and so I could only dream of it. I think, I had a real rain cape after that poncho, but I can't remember, it can't have been that interesting for my special desires.

In the 90s of last century, I got my first real rain cape and I still have it. It has a nice rubbery inside, jeantex outside and is long enough to conceal light bondage even in public.

Six years ago roughly, I found a cape on the internet, heavy rubberised dark blue cloth, small hood with drawstring and very very long. The front is closed with stud buttons. Inside this cape, I feel cut off from the rest of the world. By the view, this cape is clearly "scene gear" and would easily fit into a music video of Lady Gaga. Not suitable to be worn in public by average people.

In the same time period, I started riding my racing bike again and bought a few more capes and ponchos for practical use, always hoping to find a cool one too. I still have some one-way plastic capes, a shiny blue pvc cape which is torn at the collar by heavy use in bed and a poncho made from an odd wrinkled material which became my standard rain gear for biking because it is very tiny and light when folded. In the rare case that I wear a helmet, the hood goes underneath.

So, until last week, I had the following:

Blue lightweight poncho with hood, no drawstring
Shiny blue deranged pvc rain cape for bikers
Transparent-yellow one-way plastic cape, still originally packaged. These are sold in tourist areas and during open-air events, pretty crappy and I only keep it for memory.
Dark blue very long heavy cape, small hood with drawstring, stud buttons all the way down, no openings for hands.
Except for the last one, they go just below the hands.

Some of you might have noticed, that I have a new cape, a shiny yellow pvc cape that goes far below my knees - about the middle between knees and feet. I wear this a lot at home and I really enjoy it. Before last night, I had a walk with it and I want to make this cape my standard rain gear for walks and the like, perhaps even on the way to and from work, time will show.

Now, there is one silly thing about rain capes, other than those for biking: They are considered evil fashion crimes and those crimes are supposed to be committed by women only. However, I doubt, that many "normal" people ever think about rain capes and they will do, what they always do when they see something that is beyond their understanding: They will ignore it.

I found a nice website about capes here:

In my browser, it doesn't work properly, you have to select some text with your mouse and then, while still pushing the left mouse button, move the mouse to the right. This will scroll the content and show more pictures.

(I patched myself three times into that place)