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Full Version: Very Particular Fetish Items
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How often do you fall in love with a fetish item? Well, probably not love as described in great literature or by popular philosophers of the last century, but something clearly affectionate, beyond simple sexual reactions: Focussed mind, weird feelings in the stomach etc., pretty much like a teenager in love. Clearly between what love is to some guys and what love to another person really should be. I think, this happened to me three times.

The first time, it was a simple skirt, long, slim, grass-green, stretchy and a bit shiny. It was the way it hugged my legs, gently keeping them together a bit, also the colour and shininess and possbly the fact that it was my very first experience in wearing a skirt at all. This skirt had to go in a panic situation where I dropped it in the garden and someone must have taken it away before I came back, so I never got bored of it.

The second one was not as intense as the skirt, but lasted much longer. This was a simple green cotton(!) gymnastic body, quite similar to the one of Lara Croft in the first Tombraider games. I had it on whenever possible until it eventually fell apart.

I did and do have more items, that I like a lot: I have a synthetic leather skirt which like a lot, it is like a good friend, and recently I got a great rain cape made from rubbery and slightly stretchy pvc, that I wear as often as possible. But this is not the same, at least one level less.
Skirt and body are both about 20 years ago, I never had similar affection with any fetish item since. I also didn't feel teenage love for girls that strong anymore, though stronger than for any item that I had later. I thought that this affection was a typical teenage experience until a few days ago:


Yesterday, I found this very coat in a department store and tried it on. It is not perfect for men but very nice fit, very soft inside and the strong but soft outside cloth that I like so much - including the typical smell. They didn't have it in the right colour (I wanted black) and so I checked on ebay and other places, finally found a used one for half the price and ordered it. Now I hope that it will be here as soon as possible. Seeing this coat for the first time, and then again in the department store, had a sledge-hammer effect on me, basically, I had no choice but buying one. If this happened to me more often, I would be bankrupt constantly. I wonder, if this is how women do shopping 😁

Ok, your turn, what are your love stories?
I've posted this before but when I saw this outfit for sale on a Star Trek memorabilia site I had to buy it:


Original thread is here:

(04 Dec 2010, 14:58 )culmor Wrote: [ -> ]I've posted this before but when I saw this outfit for sale on a Star Trek memorabilia site I had to buy it:

Original thread is here:

That is a pretty nice outfit indeed. Is it one piece?
No, though it looks as though it should be...


A better shot...

I might have to add my yellow pvc cape, I like it a lot. And today, I took some more photos in "normal wear" plus cape, I think, it is compatible with normal public. The point with capes is, you have to wear them actively, like an additional body part, or you will look boring or ridiculous. I have seen a few photos of other men in capes, now I know what is wrong there. These photos look pretty cool and I started blurring my face. Well, first example here:


PS: I have to remember how I did that cloud effect on my face, I think it was a soft brush.