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Full Version: So this is where some stuff comes from
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Look at the prices! Well, minimum order quantity is 10 where I checked, but this reveals a lot, at the price of one you get ten! Well, looking at these items, this is probably not the ultimate deal, but still quite interesting.
Whooooahahhhhh!!!!!! Yes, that definitely explain hundreds of eBay shops... Now let's find the rest of the manufacturers (latex, zentai, plugs, etc).

With some interest we can probably buy something collectively. Even if there are 5 people and everybody takes 2 pieces it's still several times cheaper than buying 1 piece in on-line shops.
I have started looking for other manufacturers/exporters. So far, I only found listings and you have to register for more information. But let's all look around. Of course the average Chinese quality is not exactly top of the line, but there is interesting stuff. And it might be possible to sell excess quantities on ebay or other places - not 10 pieces, but two or three.
Still need to make my mind on what to buy from that site.

Any luck with other manufacturers?
holy $*@& i might buy the PU leg binders… i could just sell em on ebay and make some serious bank!!!
You know this whole thing is giving me an idea of creating a cheaper shop as well tbh.