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Full Version: Off the wall Bondage Question
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You are simplifying and generalising. Bondage comes in many different flavours, some prefer huge amounts of rope, others might want their thumbs nailed to the wall, and in self-bondage, people have to take care of the partner role as well. A bondage that simply renders the victim immobile is good for those, who exactly want that. Others like complicated body harnesses that react to every movement, the thrill of looking disgusting or whatever. And finally, there is the effect of getting used to it. My very first arousal with bondage only involved my ankles been tied together. It could have been more, but I was afraid to tie my hands at that time - imagination probably helped. Later on I used other "triggers", sometimes in combination, sometimes alone. What is inside, doesn't need to be outside. I eventually experienced a moment during a breakfast break at work, where I was so aroused by a simple thought, that I had to struggle to cool down. At other days, I can do and think what I want, I stay numb. And there are all variations in between.

But I agree, some porn sites simply clutter their pictures (and probably movies) with all perversions possible. And also stories tend to overdo. I am sure that many SB-ers never use any gag, butt plug or enema, but most self-bondage stories have at least these accessoires, plus various latex clothes, locks, chains and electronical devices. Ape-like imitation, if you ask me (no offense meant to those, who really use all this, that's a totally different thing). At the moment, I am forced to hear a song about 10 times a day (radio at work), that sort of got an accordeon squeezed in that doesn't make any sense at all. This is the same way of thinking: "We have to use everything that is cool, then it will sell better" - not to me though, Lambada was bad, this song is a nightmare. Well, as a matter of fact, internet fetish is as diverse as music, some is art, some is business and some is junk.

In the end, it all boils down to taste and preferences...
I tend to keep my bondage more simplistic when it comes to bindings at least. I usually will have my feet tied together, my wrists either tied together or else my hands bound in such a way that I cannot use them to free myself, and often use some means to keep myself from moving elsewhere or removing what I might be wearing.

I figure that by keeping my bindings simple there is less to go wrong and in case of some kind of emergency I can become mobile as quickly as possible. My backup keys always allow me to free my arms, legs, and any kind of tether that I might be using. Usually I can be 100% free of all restrictive bindings in well under 30 seconds.

For me the purpose of the bindings is to keep me from moving from where I am or preventing me from free motion until released. Sometimes it is not really even the bindings that hold me. For example, I may have bound myself in the shower while wearing a dress which is locked onto me so that I cannot remove it. The bondage session itself leaves me wet and even tho I may be free of the restrictive bindings I was using, I cannot leave the shower until the clothes I am wearing are no longer dripping or I risk damaging carpets and other flooring, so to some degree I am still held.

I do often wonder tho about pictures with excess bindings, does it really add anything? To me it just seems reasonable that in a SB context, anything beyond what is minimally needed to immobilize is unnecessary and can create complications in case of emergency, or else over complication may result in something being overlooked and release can become difficult to impossible. For me it is being in a situation where I am stuck that is arousing more so than complete immobilization.

Some very interesting observations in this thread and many good points well made.

Susanr raises the genuine issue of emergency escape if it all goes wrong – a massive ‘plus’ for doing just enough to stay helpless and not going over the top.

And I say ‘good for you and you are, of course, 100% right.’

Dworkin exposes the fact that some, though not all, Bondage sites/photographers just keep on adding and adding to what is already more than enough restraint to bind a small army and probably has enough leather, rubber, latex, rope, chains, gags, masks, etc, etc to keep even the most rabid fetishist happy for a day.

Again, I agree and you too are correct.


Sometimes, for my self bondage, I like to go way over the top, I deploy layer upon layer of constriction and binding. I revel in the helplessness and knowing that even when my primary release arrives I will still be many minutes from true freedom – what a rush! My great turn on (to get me in the mood) will be the most complex of bondage pictures, with some poor woman so helplessly trussed that even the fire brigade would need an hour or two to free her. She will be covered in my favourite lace and nylon, masked, gagged and suspended – I have the photo, and I use it.


Sometimes a simple pair of handcuffs (which I normally hate), all on their own, will be the sexiest experience I could have. They alone are more than sufficient for my needs. My self-bondage muse is a picture of a woman, standing, simply dressed in blue body, stockings and heels, no gag, hands behind her back, any binding unseen, with only a single rope coming in a loop from behind her neck to cross between her covered breasts before disappearing behind her back – I also have this photo, and use it

So Strappado, you too are speaking the truth.

Isn’t it great that we are all free to have our own opinions, likes, dislikes and generally get out there and have fun?

Great thread – just adding my ingredients into the mix Ok