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Full Version: Penis sheath
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Penis sheath, piss condoms, etc.
Hi Just ordered one of the thicker ones, just a few questions...

easy to get into?

what size of tube is needed to attach to this?

does it leak much when you releave yourself?

will keep you posted..
(25 Feb 2010, 15:27 )vee6 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Just ordered one of the thicker ones, just a few questions...

easy to get into?
No. I've described one method here:

(25 Feb 2010, 15:27 )vee6 Wrote: [ -> ]what size of tube is needed to attach to this?
I think 8-9mm.Or even 12 if the tube is flexible enough.

(25 Feb 2010, 15:27 )vee6 Wrote: [ -> ]does it leak much when you releave yourself?

Yes, it does if there is a flow resistance somewhere. To keep the sheath in place and to prevent leaking I wear this thing on top of the sheath or a harness with a cock-ring .

(25 Feb 2010, 15:27 )vee6 Wrote: [ -> ]will keep you posted..

Yes, please!
Last Sunday i ordered my Penis Sheath (Penis Sheath 1) that has a connection to a breathing gag for around 55$

+the tube is long enough
+the Gag fills up the mouth quite well
+it works when it is used well

But there are some problems with this toy, too:

1)if you use your tongue you could plug the gag out (or you can see it as an emergency release)
2)it is quite problematical to put the sheath on your cock and the balls! even with enough lubricant but if you do not cover it all (long try to get the balls inside or use of duct-tape you will lose some urine or you could blow the urine out of the breating tube
3)the mouthgag cover where you can seal the gag to your head is a little bit annoying under my nose, but this is not such a problem

In fact i would prefer an other method because this product is too expensive for its quality
Recently purchased a clear silicon penis sheath (see photo)


The idea was to have something that would prolong my erection and de-sensitise my cock when using a vibrator on a timer when in self-bondage.

The good bits:
Price - very reasonable £4 delivered
Colour- I love the fact that it is clear silicon rather than the more typical black or red.
Fit - it is very (VERY!) stretchy, but fits well and stays on (in tests so far). It isn't like wearing a condom as you can feel the extra weight and 'grip'
Effect - too early to say if it will significantly prolong my erection, but a non-bondage test run suggested it might work. It definitely 'numbs' the vibrations from my big massager, but not to the point where I can't cum. Being able to feel it on your cock (see 'Fit') is also surprisingly pleasant (for me at least). When I did orgasm I was fascinated to see my cum pooling in the clear head of the sheath - again this is not the same as when wearing a condom.

The less good bits:
Size - though very stretchy it is shorter than I would have liked (it measures just short of 5inches/12cm) and so doesn't come right down to the base of my cock when it is erect. This isn't a real problem but I imagine that if I could find one that stretched the entire length of my shaft it would be much, much sexier.
Washing - silicon seems to attract every stray hair and grain of dirt, so washing is both essential and a real pain!

What next:
I'm keeping my eyes open for either a longer sleeve in the same material/style or, even better, one that includes a shaped pouch for my balls 😁