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Hi folks!

After a long time, by lurking through this site I finally decided to join this great community. So, I would like to say 'hello' and share my own story with all of you.
My journey to a fantastic world of lycra/spandex started from the mid-late 90's when I was studying at school: Once, some day after the classes, when I left our scool canteen after a dinner, I saw a few of my classmate girls which were going to the dance classes. They were all dressed in long-sleeved leotards over a 'classic' shiny leggings. It was the first time I felt a sweet, warm pleasure under my belly... because they looked really super sexy for me, almost like superheroines from the famous comic books! But, because it was my puberty timeline, I didn't get wat's going on with me that day - why I am feeling so happy and excited about it? Why are they dressed THAT way? I had no Internet that time to find any answers about that, so I just looked for another sources to find the correct explanation, but without any success...
After a while, when I studied at the university, it was one of the days when I was at home, sitting and watching TV, I searched for some interesting stuff about science, cars, music and so on. Suddenly, I stopped and focused my attention on one of the channels which shown the Olympic games: It was the second time I seen the girls completely dressed in lycra, but now - they were all in catsuits/unitards, performing skiing and bobsleigh activities. It was really new to me! After searching some information through the internet (yes, by that time I finally got my own PC, because it started to be affordable in our region), I found a lot of stuff about lycra, spandex, leotards, catsuits and more.
After that, I finally decided to get my first pair of black shiny leggings on our local goods market. Just because I wanted to feel them on myself and try to finally understand - why the heck are girls/women like to wear them almost everywhere and anytime?... These leggings were pretty cheap (~ $12). When I got my home and assured that I was alone, I tried them on. What a feel they gave to me!... It was the one of the BEST days in my life! So comfy, cozy and it really felt like a 'second skin', no matter how I moved. It was soooo good that I cannot held it any more, so after that I 'finished' and felt asleep for a couple of hours. When I got up, I took a shower after that, washed, dried and hided them between my usual sport goods.
From that time, I started searching for another garments and bought my first black lycra/cotton leotard in a local dance shop. I tried it over my leggings and that felt more fantastic to me, It was unbelievable pleasure which I got from its combination. From that time I understood why it was so popular in 80's workout style (by the way, I think, 'baby-boom' is one of its consequences)!
Later-on, I also discovered my new fetish: it was tall, knee-high leather boots! But, compared with other guys, I love mostly 'classic', NOT hign-heel, but flat heel style of boots (it's like some sort of riding boots).

And... If you wondering how I found this forum: A few months ago, I was searching for more detailed info about Leohex catsuits and leotards, so Google just guided me right into here.
For this time, I have some spandex collection of Nike, 2XU, Under Armour and Leohex/Amouresy/MJINM staff as well as two pair of riding boots and gloves 😉
Recently, I also discovered a new and very unusual hobby for me - cosplay (more info about the one of this will be a little bit later).
Despite of fetish, I frequently wear lycra when doing excercises at home, running outdoor and biking with friends. It's very comfortable, breathing and has a lot of other useful features that casual clothing will never give to you, especially under heavy loads during the trainings. The most exciting thing is to do common sports with girls which are also dressed in lycra (e.g. biking, running etc.) - that gives you a powerful motivation to work harder, stay fit (as much as you can, of course) and as a sweet bonus - a lot of nice and sexy looks (especially, when you behind her: 'DAT ASS' view)!

I am very happy that I finally found a place with a lot of friendly people who has the same 'secret' interests and hobbies with whom I can share and get some knowledge, who clearly understand it and support each other instead of bullying like on most popular 'TPOWIS-like' sites which are full of masculinity and aggressiveness to any boys/men who just tried spandex and only allowing to talk about women-oriented spandex wearing.

Have a great day!
Yeeey!! What a story! Welcome!!! 🙂
Yes, welcome indeed.
That’s a very good story.
I hope you’ll find this site really useful and interesting.

Oh, I see you ran into the TPOWIS toxicity as well.
I suppose you're familiar with "DynamicTorque" then and that guy who says he's a spandex reseller somewhere in the Arab Emirates.