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Full Version: Looking for something similar to...
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... this catsuit. Manufacturer was BlackMilk, but they stopped making this years ago. I have one, but I want another one. They actually made a fairly similar one later, which I also bought, but now BlackMilk turned to quite silly (my opinion only) designs. So, if anyone knows where to get a similar one, please let me know. It is not only the shape but especially the very good fabric. Strong, thick and reasonably stretchy. And I want the simple tank-top design, no criss-cross back straps, see-through stripes or any other fancy features.

This is probably a difficult question, but I will be happy for any good suggestions.
It looks like a standard dance wear unitard to me.

Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out! £13.79 | Retail Wholesale Black,Red Shiny Nylon/Lycra Ankle-Length Dance Gymnastics Unitards for Ladies and Girls something like this on Ali express?

(From the UK) I would probably be looking on eBay for a black unitard in size 4 or 5 from Amy number of dance wear suppliers eg, Katz, arabesque, roache valley, 1st position or tappers & pointers.
(24 Mar 2024, 11:15 )helpless85 Wrote: [ -> ]Fixed link:

Ah, thank you. I obviously failed to check the text properly when I just pasted it in.