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Full Version: Bondage mini-dress on ebay
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I found an interesting dress on ebay, here is another link:

If you look for Cotelli Bondage Dress, you might find it elsewhere.




The quality is ok, they even used a good zipper, which might be the last thing to break on the dress. The fabric isn't bad, I have seen thinner stuff, and it doesn't have an awful smell. And the stitching is good. There are five rings attached to each sleeve, a flimsy cloth ribbon (careful with tight knots!)  is fed through them for lacing, to bind the arms together. The ring attachments are reinforced by a ribbon that is sewn along the sleeves, so that isn't falling apart right away either.
Sizing might be an issue for stronger men, it is pretty tight, including the sleeves. The turtle neck is wide enough though (I think). The turtle neck is a bit silly and slips down once you are moving your head too much, but that isn't the main feature of the dress. Oh, so far, I haven't heard that nasty sound, that you often hear while putting on fairly tight clothing - when a thread breaks.

Using the dress is almost straight forward for selfbondage. The lacing has to be quite lose to operate the zipper. That means, you have to undo three rings on each sleeve. Once wearing the dress, you refit the lace and start pulling on the ends simultaneously while moving the shoulders back and pulling the arms together. There is a point where you cannot pull out more of the lacing, and that is when you have to get creative. I finished with a bow tie (not sure, if that is the correct wording here, it is a double knot and you can pull at the ends to open the second one, just like on shoes). The second idea was to tie a single knot and then tie my wrists together with the remaining strips.

The dress itself is not remotely escape proof (i.e. probably easy to tear), but I like the idea. A while ago, I had tried the rope version of an armbinder, with little success. Arms were actually tied up, but way too lose! The dress does the job more effectively, and you once the lacing is tight, there is a lot of spare rope (or rather flimsy cloth ribbon) that can be used to tie the wrists together.

Would I buy it again? Probably not, because I consider finding another suitable garment with long sleeves and alter it in a similar (probably also stronger) way.
Do you still have the eBay link ??
Ok, I see it now.
Actually, I have seen this same dress in Reno, Nevada, USA.

But it was pricey. But I know a kinky seamstress that can make it out of any long sleeve, high neck dress from a department store.

So I’m going to order me one.