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Full Version: Introduction Wolpertinger
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Hello people, then I would like to introduce myself.
I'm currently 59 and I've liked spandex since puberty.
I particularly like thong bodies and leggings.
I only wear spandex in everyday life and everyone accepts it because it has been “my outfit” for many years.
I have been paralyzed and in a wheelchair since 1999 after a motorcycle accident. Since I've retired, I've been able to devote even more time to my desires.
I've been with a really great woman for 7 years and married her last year.
She loves me as I am and supports me with my rare hobby. We have a lot of fun together and enjoy taking photos in our spandex.
So, that's it for the first one.

Greetings Wolpertinger from Ulm, Germany
Wow, your story made my day.

Welcom on board
Yes, you are very welcome!