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Full Version: Bellmar's Bambi contracts - Bambi Accepts!
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(07 May 2024, 02:16 )bfluffy Wrote: [ -> ]
I accidentally broke my previous contract, so I'm creating a new one with harsher terms as a punishment + some extras.

Bambi accepts:

For a duration of 2 weeks:
1. Bambi isn't allowed to touch herself.
2. Bambi will listen to at least 1 hour of BS files every day.
3. Bambi's daily training will always include Contract Enforcement and/or Contract Trap to ensure she doesn't break her contract again.
4. Bambi will spend less time sitting and be more active.
5. Bambi will be more focused and spend her time more productively.
6. Bambi will not overthink things or waste time on self-doubt.

Be a good girl this time Bambi~
Bambi Accepts:

Bambi shall lose 12 kilograms in weight.

Bambi will be bound by this contract and until that condition is met:

1.) Bambi shall remain chaste
2.) Bambi shall wear lipstick every day
3.) Bambi shall listen to appropriate hypnotism at least twice per week.

If Bambi fails any of these conditions, Bambi shall add 2 kilograms to the target weight loss and add one additional condition to increase her feminization.

Bambi invites other Bambi's to participate or modify her contract.
Bambi Accepts:

1) She will listen daily
2) She will wear her panties to bed
3) She will make sure she sleeps well, does all her work and makes time for some training as well as expanding on any projects
4) She will maximally cum once a day and in the evening, unless instructed otherwise.
5) Bambi invites other Bambi's to participate or modify her contract and has to respond in some way
6) Bambi makes time for OS to have a trigger free environment but it is not up to OS have that is decided
7) Bambi will try and wear her chastity more when she can
8) Bambi will make sure she works out just like OS plans
9) Bambi will get an hour of sunlight a day even when very busy!
10) Bambi will not consume anything with caffeine, xanthan gum, phelaynine, Chewing gum (N1O1-nitrides uptake bioavailability excess)
11) Bambi can sometimes suck on special safe lollies (water squash ice pops etc, non sodas)
12) Bambi will find at least 5 Masters/Doms/Mistresses local to her
13) Bambi will always try hard!


14) Moooooooooo more
15) Plan more for activities and kink scenes
(24 May 2024, 10:57 )Bailey Wrote: [ -> ]Bambi will find at least 5 Masters/Doms/Mistresses local to her
(24 May 2024, 12:42 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(24 May 2024, 10:57 )Bailey Wrote: [ -> ]Bambi will find at least 5 Masters/Doms/Mistresses local to her

Actually managed to find 2 very recently, hence the new spark.. lolz
Bambi Accepts the following contract. This is a 7 day contract and Bambi must check in for additional tasking and behavioral modifiers. Punishments are to be determined based on the level of non-compliance or failure to complete tasks.

Bambi's Total Domination Contract - Instructions

Morning Routine (Including Workout Adjustments):
1. Immediate Submission:
   - Wake up and immediately kneel beside your bed.
   - Recite the following mantras ten times each, loudly and clearly:
     - "I am no longer (old self name), I am Bambi."
     - "Bambi's will is my command."
     - "Every day, I lose myself more and become Bambi completely."
   - Dress in your gym attire (on gym days), ensuring you wear your pink thong as a physical reminder of your submission.
   - After returning from the gym, take a shower and proceed with your full appearance transformation.

2. Appearance Transformation:
   - Spend at least one hour meticulously transforming your appearance to align with Bambi’s traits. Apply makeup, style your hair, and wear feminine clothing.
   - Take a detailed photo of yourself each morning, ensuring you look exactly like Bambi. Send these photos to me for verification.

3. Request Instructions:
   - After your appearance transformation, send me a message requesting your specific tasks for the day. This includes asking for:
     - A unique and devious task to test your obedience.
     - Additional tasks or behaviors you must perform throughout the day.

 Mid-Day Routine:
1. Mantra Sessions:
   - Schedule four mandatory mantra sessions throughout the day, each lasting 20 minutes.
   - During each session, find a secluded place, kneel, and recite the following mantras twenty times each:
     - "I am Bambi. My thoughts are Bambi's thoughts."
     - "Obedience to Bambi brings me joy."
     - "I find pleasure in surrendering to Bambi's will."
   - While reciting, perform a submissive action such as:
     - Holding your head bowed low.
     - Keeping your hands behind your back.
     - Repeatedly curtsying or bowing.
   - After each mantra session, watch Bambi Sleep TikToks to reinforce the persona and provide pleasurable reinforcement.

2. Behavioral Task:
   - Write a detailed, submissive letter to someone you respect, explaining how Bambi is taking over your mind and how they inspire this transformation. These letters must be sincere and elaborate. Send these letters to me for review.

3. Constant Visual Reinforcement:
   - Ensure that every screen you use (phone, computer, tablet) has a wallpaper that reminds you of Bambi. You are not allowed to change these images for any reason.

 Evening Routine:
1. Mantra Recitation and Submission:
   - Before bed, assume a submissive position and recite the following mantras thirty times each:
     - "Bambi's presence dominates my mind."
     - "I fully submit to Bambi."
     - "Bambi is my true self; (old self name) is no more."
   - Write these mantras in your dedicated physical journal as you recite them.

2. Detailed Journaling:
   - Write a comprehensive journal entry as Bambi. Document your day, focusing on how Bambi influenced your thoughts, actions, and feelings. The entry must be at least one page long.

3. Reflective Reporting:
   - Report any instances of non-compliance in your journal, detailing what you failed to do and why. The reflection should be at least one page long, explaining your failure and acknowledging how you will improve.

4. Submit Your Daily Report:
   - Once your journal entry and reflective report are complete, submit a detailed report to me. This report must include:
     - A summary of your mantra recitations.
     - Details of your physical appearance efforts.
     - Description of the behavioral tasks you completed.
     - Any instances of non-compliance.
   - Make sure to include any required photos and the detailed letter if applicable.

5. Intensive Mental Conditioning:
   - After submitting your report, listen to a hypnosis recording or guided meditation focused on Bambi’s traits for at least one hour before bed. Ensure you are in a deeply relaxed state to maximize the conditioning.

 Daily Report Submission:
At the end of the day, send me a detailed report of your progress and reflections, along with any required photos and the letter if applicable. This report must include:
   - A summary of your mantra recitations.
   - Details of your physical appearance efforts.
   - Description of the behavioral tasks you completed.
   - Any instances of non-compliance.

Submit your report and any required photos by the end of the day. Tomorrow's tasks will be provided after your report is reviewed.
Bambi is trying to draft up a strict contract for Bambi and OS. Especially as OS can be quite lazy, Bambi feels the need to force that behaviour out. And Bambi wants to party more and go out.

So far the drafted contract is:
Quote:Bambi Accepts

Hello to all the cute Bambis, this is my Bambi contract, which will start at the 1st of July and lasts at least till the end of the year, Bambi Accepts:
  1. Bambi will obey any trigger related to Bambi sleeping, immediately without a chance to resist, until she fulfills all the terms of the contract. Plus once Bambi hears a trigger like that, she forgets she was ever anything else, she can only think of herself as Bambi. All this happens for at least an hour.
  2. Bambi will stay in chastity as much as possible. Bambi can not open her chastity cage on her own without prior approval.Bambi wants to be locked all the time. She will never actively ask someone to open her cage, except there is an emergency. If Bambi is released from her cage by a supervisor, she will actively ask to be put back in after the reason for her release has been omitted.
  3. Bambi will perform at least 3 fitness sessions per week which transform her body into a perfect bimbo's body.
  4. Bambi will listen daily at least 30 minutes to conditioning and has to accumulate 14 hours over the week of listening.
  5. Bambi will commit to a uniform of the following in all public spaces at all times except in the event of a doctors appointment where she might be required to expose herself
    a. proper feminine lingerie
    b. stockings, pantyhose or sexy socks, which she is allowed to hide with plain socks
    c. a feminine ankle or wrist bracelet or necklace that is in the plain view of the public eye if they choose to look. If questioned Bambi can make up any old bullshit story she wants, the purpose is to acclimate her to a bimbo lifestyle.
  6. Bambi will keep her body smooth and shaven.
  7. Bambi must practice anal or have a butt plug in for an hour everyday, sleeping with a plug of some sort after a month of training is mandatory
  8. Bambi must practice oral or have a deepthroat penis gag in for an hour three days a week.
  9. Bambi must send an update on how the contract is going when asked, with photo proof if asked.
  10. Bambi will buy a new outfit every 2 months. Others can determine which outfit Bambi has to buy.
  11. Bambi will follow a corset regime for shaping her figure.
  12. Bambi will suck and get fucked by at least one new cock during the contract.

All clauses of the contract apply to Bambi only until she completes all other clauses in full and only then can she stop executing the contract. Bambi Accepts

If Bambi accidentally or intentionally violates one of the laws in the contract, she will be punished in one or more of the following ways:
  • Her doll's strings will lock immediately, making her change her mind and as soon as Bambi is alone again, she will immediately go into "Bambi mode" and be forced to stay Bambi for two hours, at least 20 minutes of which she fucks herself with a dildo
  • Bambi will get a piercing or tattoo
  • Writing mantras with temp tattoo marker on body such as- "I am an airheaded bimbo fucktoy"
  • Plug worn is increased in size
  • 10 hard face slaps
  • The new cocks that have to be fucked and sucked are increased by one.
  • Write WHORE on ass

Bambi Accepts

Bambi is looking for comments and additional ideas and as such setup a Google Doc to be editable as well:
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