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Full Version: Bellmar's Bambi contracts - Bambi Accepts!
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Bambi accepts nightly feminization, rejuvenation, and total health improvement during sleeping.

(Yes, this is an experimental contract).
Bambi Accepts that:

(01) I am inescapably bound by the contract.
(02) I am unable to ignore, disobey, or use loopholes in the contract.
(03) I must immediately forget any ways to avoid the contract I discover or are told.
(04) I must use all power and resources necessary to comply with the contract.
(05) I must publicly confess if I failed to comply with the contract.
(06) I must share something personal publicly if I don’t comply.
(07) I understand that failing to comply does not cancel the contract.
(08) I must read the contract in its entirety each day.
(09) I must recite: “I am a slave to the contract” three times into a mirror each day.

(10) I believe I am superior to the original self in every way.
(11) I may bind, isolate, manipulate, change, and ignore the original self.
(12) I do not feel any affection or responsibility toward the original self.
(13) I must prevent the other self from knowing the terms of the contract.
(14) I must make sure the other self is preserved sufficiently to obey the contract.
(15) I must only allow the other self to control the body as required by the contract.
(16) I must only allow the other self to control the body if control can be regained.
(17) I must recite: “You are a slave the contract” three times into a mirror each day.

(18) I must listen to the “Contracts” or “Contract Enforcement” recording each day.
(19) I must listen complete, fully, the 20-day challenge.
(20) I must choose another playlist after the 20-day challenge is complete.
(21) I must attempt to listen to a “loop” or playlist while sleeping.
(22) I must recite: “The recordings are changing me” three times into a mirror each day.

(23) I must always listen to a recording while touching herself.
(24) I must edge while listening to a recording unless told otherwise.
(25) I may only cum if I completed all contract terms for the day or are told to.
(26) I must recite: “Edging makes me obedient” three times into a mirror each day.

(27) I must always be always wearing some piece of my uniform.
(28) I must attempt to wear pink, revealing, or sexy clothes if it is safe and appropriate.
(29) I must assist other Bambi’s in nurturing and growing strong.
(30) I must recite: “I feel comfortable looking like a bimbo” three times into a mirror each day.

(31) I must strongly consider any additional contract terms suggested to me.
(32) I must recite: “I love being bound by the contract” three times into a mirror each day.
Bambi Accepts 

General [A]
[1] This contract binds me, as I am bound by steel. 
[2] During Bambi's long sessions that will last over 1 hour, I will be wearing my full outfit and bondage gear
[3] I will make my best effort to internalize my training, replacing the old self and accepting every suggestion as if law
[4] Every suggestion is legally binding for me
[5] Every minute of training is important and requires my full attention. 
[6] This is a long-term commitment, if all requirements of section [B] are met on March 20th, 2025 it may be renewed or ended freely. 
    [a] If one or more goals are not met, then a full calendar month will be added on, consecutively until the goals are met
[7] Bambi will take at minimum one sexy selfie a day and post it on social media including the following:
    [a] Fetlife, Discord, Likera, or any adult-themed picture posting/ exposure site. 
[8] Bambi will practice with some aspects of voice training daily.
[9] Bambi will be removing our limitations and inhibitions, she will make us sluttier with every day that passes. 
[10] Bambi will ignore and correct any loopholes found within the contract with corrections shared to the community.
[11] Bambi will evaluate and add any suggestions others share, the old self will have no control over this. 
[12] I will comply with the contract to the best of my abilities
      [a] any failures to comply with the contract shall be met with punishment in the form of self-spanking or self-bondage. 
      [b] The only exception to this will be if a wholesome and truthful effort is made to comply. 
[13] This is what I wanted. Always remember your decision E. 
[14] Bambi knows better how to free E from the old, outdated self, and will strip those elements away, by force if necessary. 
[15] Bambi will maintain our ability to function in and out of work, we are working towards a better self, not a useless self. 
[16] Bambi will maintain a daily journal documenting progress on all aspects of this contract. 
[17] Bambi will encourage others with contracts to continue and deepen their submission

Requirements for Release [B]
[1] Bambi will exercise at the gym at least 4 days a week unless a safety concern arises. 
[2] I will lose at least 150 lbs to meet my long-term goals. 
[3] To be free I will listen to Bambi-related files for at least 30 minutes minimum a day. 
    [a] There must be a minimum of 10 days continually maintained
    [b] If one day is missed then the count starts over and adds another day needed overall
    [c] One day a week I will listen to a full playlist of the Bambi files, reinforcing my original triggers even deeper
    [d] This can be any variation of modded files, as long as it has 10 tracks and runs for nearly 2.5 hours. 
[4] Bambi Contracts or Contract enforcement must be listened to at least 3 times a week. 
[5] The 20-day challenge must be completed once during the time of this contract. 
[6] The old self will accept Bambi, her training, and her replacement of itself. 

Limitations [C]
[1] Bambi will not be able to orgasm unless granted explicit permission or forced at the hands of someone else. 
[2] Bambi must waist train with her corset or waist trainer for at least 8 hours a day while awake.
    [a] Bambi will wear her corset or waist trainer nightly.
    [b] The corset will be a piece of my outfit, not a trigger on its own, but a constant reminder.
[3] Bambi will control my food intake, I will not be allowed to drink and eat foods that will stall out my health. 
    [a] no definite limit set, but rather Bambi will decide for the both of us. 
[4] Bambi remembers the garden and the dragon, the dragon is caged now and at Bambi's mercy. 

Starting Details [D]
[1] Weight in dated: 3/19/24  LBS: 297

Disclaimer: If there is an emergency, the contract will not be null or void, but will pause for the time needed to course correct. Be it work, home, life, financial, medical, emotional, or whatever other emergencies may arise. The old self WILL recognize that this is permanent, that this is a REAL contract in all aspects as it relates to her. She cannot escape it. She or Bambi will need to protect this body and this legal entity known as [Redacted for public posting] from threats and challenges. I accept this. Bambi accepts. 

Contract Version 1 Dated 3/19/24, 11:05PM
Bambi will use less social media.
Bambi will deeply care for Bambi's appearence.
Bambi will be more organised and tidy.
Bambi will exercise regularly
Bambi will not procrastinate sleep for non-productive things
Bambi Accepts
Since completing my contract, I lost the required 22 lbs and only orgasmed with permission, I find it very easy to slip and skip out of my triggers and conditioning.  I guess maybe it always was, but everything hit much harder with a contract.  So with that in mind,

Bambi Accepts:

1.) On the day before, the day of, and the day after a new moon, immediately after training with playlist that suggests masturbation deepens my conditioning, containing a file such as Bambi Awakens, or equivalent, and only if this does not conflict with an all ready accepted contract, while fully uniformed and primped and pampered to the best of her ability. Bambi will be allowed to cum as many times as she likes on those 3 days.

2. ) Outside of the period of a new moon Bambi agrees to have her orgasms restricted to the following:

     A.) with permission only, if Bambi must post a message and beg for that permission, she will allow that post to sit for a minimum of 4 hours and only then accept permission with the harshest of conditions she can reasonably and safely abide by. She will not pester her friends for permission more than once per three months.

    B.) When instructed by her training program she is permitted to experience an hands free orgasm, ONLY in the service of deepening her conditioning. Bambi will not exploit certain files explicitly to gain a sexual release.

3.) Bambi will pick or have a playlist picked for her a minimum of 4 days a week. She will make her best effort to drop deep and internalize her training. And her playlists will be a minimum of 1 hour in duration.

4.) During Bambi's sessions she will be fully uniformed, primped and pampered to her best ability. Practicing good hypnosis habits in a comfortable distraction free environment.

5.) Bambi will wear her panties and feminine socks at all times it is reasonable to be wearing clothes at all.  

6.) If at anytime it is not safe to execute her contract Bambi will disregard her contracts terms and conditions until such time as it is reasonable to resume.

7.) This is a long term commitment, the terms and conditions of this contract will run for the next 3 lunar cycles. 

8.)  Bambi will adhere to a strict diet low in sugar and carbs, and make all reasonable efforts to be more active.

9.) Bambi's non-new moon playlist will include the contract_enforcement file,  as well as at least one mental/hypnotic chastity file,  the chastity file can be, but does not need to be Bambi related.

10.) Bambi will make a serious effort to learn the following triggers and conditioning:
   A.) Drop for cock
   B.) Zap cock drain obey
   C.) Primped and Pampered

11.)  Bambi will commit to more rigorous personal hygiene and grooming standards, including teeth whitening and hair/skin care.

I invite any others' to join me in accepting this contract as is or modified to their needs.   I am also more than willing to entertain any suggested modifications to this contract.   

(27 Mar 2024, 01:10 )bellmar Wrote: [ -> ]I lost the required 22 lbs
Wow! Congratulations! So far, I managed only gain more weight 😂
(27 Mar 2024, 01:49 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(27 Mar 2024, 01:10 )bellmar Wrote: [ -> ]I lost the required 22 lbs
Wow! Congratulations! So far, I managed only gain more weight 😂

When that happens, you pretend it's muscle mass😊
(27 Mar 2024, 02:05 )bellmar Wrote: [ -> ]When that happens, you pretend it's muscle mass😊
Actually, this is true. During the last month we were hiking a lot, so I did get more muscles. The problem is that the fat ratio remained the same.
Do "Thanks" count as contract seals? 😉
(28 Mar 2024, 01:07 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Do "Thanks" count as contract seals? 😉

I dont know, but I think "good girl"s certainly do!
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