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Full Version: BarbaCojePutitas file index
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Hi, anyone know how contact with BarbaCojePutitas?
(27 Jan 2024, 07:41 )gatolocko Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, anyone know how contact with BarbaCojePutitas?

It's been a while but we reached him via a request to PM to his Reddit ID - u/BarbaCojePutitas and then we waited...
Super curious about the fucked by master's script, It's hard to hear in-between all the voices!
(18 Dec 2023, 02:26 )Exception Wrote: [ -> ]e.g. One of my favourites is Mental Assault, but can't find mention of this one online.

I'm pretty sure these were one of the files avaliable on one of their pages (SoundCloud or such), considering I can find a copy of it in my folders. I never interacted with them directly, so it was publically avaliable at some point.
If one can find a link to the file, I will add it to the file index.
A file with his voice (as per Love to Obey) that was modified from a personal request.
Does somebody know how to make the binaural tones that BarbaCojePutitas uses in his adhd files?
I have no idea what really happened regarding other Bambi's who interacted, but from my experience he was really nice to me, and kept me at ease. He stayed well aware of my boundaries. I don't want to downplay any negative experiences others might have had, I just don't know what happened. Has he gone totally MIA now? I kinda miss him, but we had a short time together I never got super far enough to be used maliciously. I just didn't get any weird vibes even looking back at those chats now..
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