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Full Version: Crowdfunding - Bondage card game
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Found a nice drawn card game on Crowdfundr. It seems, you can use it to plan real life bondage or escape challenges


Maybe someone is interested
Interesting, the game follows the "gender stereotyping" - most of those, who will play it, are supposed to be heterosexual males, and it's females, who are supposed to be tied up, gagged, used, dominated, etc 😁

And I'm no different, I'm just assuming, that I'm that girl in bondage 🤣
I wonder if there is a story line somewhere with pictures.
I'm definitely intrigued. There are several roulettes on Fap Roulette that I use in a similar vein but this seems more elaborate.

On a semi-unrelated noye I wish there was a Fap Roulette-esque site that focused strictly on bondage, crossdressing, and feminization scenarios.