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Full Version: DIY Homemade Dildo [with pics]
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Hello Everybody,

After successfully finishing my diy dildo, I thought I should share it with you all.

The things u need:

- Pen or marker
- Some socks
- Tape
- EXTRA: Latex Glove

I'm just going to write down how I made mine, which is about 19cm long and 2 cm thick. (But you can make it as long and as thick as you like)

1. Take an old useless pen or marker or something like that.


2. Gather some old socks, and put the pen into one of them. Roll the sock/socks tightly around the pen.


3. Go and get some tape, I used extra strong hobby tape for this one, but for other ones I used a kind of latex tape. Now firmly tape the tape around the sock, so that it start to look like a nice dildo 😉 (You should be aware of the fact that the thickness decreases when u firmly tape the tape around the sock.) And this is what u get when finished! (I didn't taped the end, because it just can't get in 19cm 😟 )


EXTRA: 4. It could be that u have a little problems with the top, that u can't make the top without sharp edges from the tape. One simple solution for that is to take a latex glove, cut off 1 finger, put the finger over the top of the dildo and then tape the end of the finger to the dildo and you've got a nice and smooth top!

EXTRA2: The photo's aren't whole on this page, the right side is missing, but you still should get the intention of the steps. If u're interesting in the whole pictures or in pictures with me using them, pm me. 😯ops:

Well, Now you should be able to make your own homemade dildo. If you have any questions about this, post them here or pm me.


EDIT: If anyone is interested in how I made my Buttplug, just ask nicely, and I'll put it also on here 😉
Thanks Graafmans17! I've re-formatted your post (thumbnailed the photos) if you don't mind.
no i don't mind, what do u think about the concept?
(18 Sep 2010, 09:47 )Graafmans17 Wrote: [ -> ]what do u think about the concept?

It works, right? Ergo it can be considered as an option 😉

Also, what I like about DIY is you can make it as big (long, small, thin, rigid, soft) as you want. The shape is also up to you. And, of course, you need a good condom over the whole construction.
Such weights can be used as a very kinky plugs. Every time you sit down - it will go up, when you stand up - it will slide down 😋

(17 Sep 2010, 22:19 )Graafmans17 Wrote: [ -> ]EDIT: If anyone is interested in how I made my Buttplug, just ask nicely, and I'll put it also on here

Yes please - it would be very interesting to see how your design looks