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Full Version: This is Anna from Germany ( inlcuding pics of mine )
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Dear pantyhose lovers,

I am a german girl and in love with all kind of nylons and high heels.
I decided to become an IG member to find out if I will find guys out there with the same interests. Found you because I cruised around and saw you are in love with nylons too [Image: smile.gif]
Maybe you would like to have a look on my profile and if you like it leave a comment or become my follower please [Image: wink.gif]

Happy weekend and all the best!
Anna Greeting
Welcome aboard, Anna!
Thank you vey much Lika Ra 😊
Ah haa….

Click and subscribe.

Well, I myself don’t C&L, but welcome to our group.
I myself love nylons, heeled boots as well as high heels.
Pair those with a short to knee length skirt and Woo Hoo!!
Thank you for posting.
Dear Tinker,

sounds great. I am in love with the same. I wear it nearly every day but I decided to try to earn some money with it also.
My dream is to buy the Wolford Tule Tights and all kind of fashion without saving money like at the moment.

Happy evening to you and all the others who read this and are in this lovely forum!
Anna 💓