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Full Version: Transgender Forum Archive 1995-1998
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Found this tweet, a little time machine back to online transgenderism in 1995-1999.

It's an CD-ROM image file that will be loaded automatically into an browser based MacOS emulator for the  authentic browsing experience of the 90's.
I guess you can download the .img file from the internet archive as well and run it via a diskdrive emulator.

In the Mac emulator, the window in the upper left, labeled "tgfcd" (slightly obscured) is where you can launch the archived website.


Here's the direct link in case Twitter/X goes down (which, let's be real, could happen any day now LOL).
Downloading. Let's see if the content can be extracted.
Downloaded and extracted. All links are broken, though. If I manage to fix them, I can upload the content to this site. Do we, actually, need it?