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Full Version: Karada self bondage improvisation
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I am not a good story teller, this might be boring. I will simply describe what I did a few days ago. I was inspired by the blog that I posted elsewhere, the one with some really boring bondage, cheap porn movies and a few good images. And this turned into an improvised rope bondage session. I like improvisations, because they always include some nasty moments and sometimes nice surprises. And it is the best way to learn something new.

I put on a simple lycra leotard with long sleeves - long sleeves are good for arm ties, they protect the skin which is very sensible on my upper arms. Underneath I had plain simple underpants, just a precaution to contain a good part of the sperm later on - if necessary. Uncool? Well, not to me. The underpants are invisible and this leotard is my absolute favorite. I also like nudity, but not with optional sperm on my carpet, so a minimum of clothing is required. For your convenience and imagination, add anything you like, except for additional bondage and ballgags, because they would interfere with the scenario, well, keep your mouth and eyes free and be able to walk.

Then I folded a 20m rope in to and put a few knots on the middle section, which was the one end now. Then put that over my head, the knots going down from my chest to a little above my crotch. I put the two lose ends between my legs, then through the rope behind my neck. Then I build a simple karada, but with one extra turn around my upper arms with each "stitch". I wasn't able to tighten the rope around my arms properly but they were way less mobile than without rope.
Then I finished the Karada, making sure that the rope wasn't in the way of anything important and lead the ends to my back again, through my legs. Then I improvised a leg tie above my knees and finally lead the ends of the rope to my back for the hands. Now I looked for the lowest pair of strands going around my back and pulled a loop of the remaining rope through that, doubled it and made it just large enough to comfortably slip both hands through. Then I pulled this loop as tight as possible, using a door handle for help. I still had about one meter of rope left and separated the ends and wrapped them around my wrists a couple of times. Then I tied a simple overhand knot and pulled as tight as possible. Over that, I carefully prepared a second overhand knot, made sure that the first one was still tight, then yanked the second one close as sharp as I could. In fact, I waited a bit before I did that, and remembered where I had my knife - just in case.

Then I started moving around. The leg tie did its work, I could barely walk. Wrists and arms were well secured and it felt right! I was quite aroused aeady. I checked in a mirror and found that I didn't like the view and so moved on and sat down on my sofa, where I realised a lot of stress on my upper legs and my wrists, it was better to lay down.

Well, as said, the bondage around the arms wasn't perfect and the leg bondage was uncomfortable now, the rope is too thin for just a few wraps. It took me a while to undo the knot on my wrists, then I readjusted things a bit. I sat on my heels, tried again to tighten the rope around my upper arms and then tied the folded legs together, I think this is called "frog tie". Then I tied my hands behind the back again and enjoyed this new position, trying to walk on my knees, rolling over the floor and stuff.

After a little while, I noticed a short hooded down jacket on the sofa (I really like hoods and soft down jackets, combined even better). And then I spent some time trying to put on the hood over my head and the rest of the jacket dangling over my body. I wanted this material as close as possible to me.

At the moment, I am into long term arousal, and so I resisted my urge to come quickly. It was pretty strong, but I didn't want to spoil the leotard yet. Picking up a jacket and putting the hood over your head is quite a task without arms and hands. They were really useless here, and that added to the experience too. When I do SB in my bed, I often miss this evidence of helplessness.

Okay, later on, I decided to free myself, as I had a couple of things to do which I couldn't in this position. I undid my hands after some struggle, freed the legs and undid the upper arm ropes. Then I wrapped the remaining ropes around my body and put on the down jacket. Then I did the stuff I had to do.

Later, I returned and found that I was quite keen to finish this session. So I took off the jacket, recovered the lose rope from my body and made a simple cross hands tie behind my back. I don't remember details from there on, it doesn't matter anyway. It was no extatic moment but a nice and fulfilling finish. After that, I found it quite a challenge to undo the wrist knot and I also found, that I was still in the mood to carry on. Very often, I get stone cold after coming, get all the fetish stuff out of the way quickly and clean up the scene, not this time. But I had taken the decision earlier and I really longed for some lunch (it was 16:00 in the afternoon and I had had breakfast around 9). Well, it is always good to stop at the best moment 😊

I am not sure how much time I spent in bondage during this session. It feels quite long when I look back, but it wasn't boring at any time. The first leg tie had created some light but sharp pain on the legs, but it wasn't too bad (I am absolutely not into pain) and I really enjoyed "hunting" the jacket while bound. This was one of the nicest rope sessions I had for months! I would even say, this was the best one since long, I had looked for thrills and unescapability for quite a while and that had almost turned into a manic hunt, leaving joy behind. I am sure, I will do something similar again, perhaps add a few features.
I did my best to describe the bondage in detail, so anybody experienced in rope bondage should be able to do it to himself. Of course you should know how to tie a basic karada. If anything is unclear, ask in this thread and will try to explain it more clearly.

By the way, I am looking for a better method to include the upper arms into the karada. If you have any ideas, let me know please.
One of the cases when having photos would be really helpful 😉
there won't be photos anytime soon, my "camera" is a mobile phone and there is no way to trigger it during a session. And - what's almost more important - I don't like to post photos of myself on the internet, not even "harmless" ones.
(15 Sep 2010, 16:44 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]I don't like to post photos of myself on the internet, not even "harmless" ones.

Yes, yes, I know the feeling. I never post photos (with me or my family) on the Internet where we are recognizable. But this is what PhotoShop is for. You leave what's needed to be left (probably enhanced/changed as well) and remove/blur the rest.
(15 Sep 2010, 22:18 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]But this is what PhotoShop is for...

That's true, I did that for the images of the mermaid tail. It still leaves me with the trouble of triggering a mobile-phone-camera while bound, I can't even put it on a stand.

That means that you need a photo camera 😉 You need one anyway. What about a new Canon PowerShot G12?