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Full Version: Thread for list of latex shops
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I see that for this section, I can see many threads with just singular shops, scattering around.

The purpose of this thread I make is to consolidate all the latex shops and websites into one, so that it is easier to look for.

Also, from what I've seen, there's only EU based shops, no NA whatsoever. So if there are anyone knows any NA shops and websites, please leave them here for future reference.
Thank you! I have been considering buying a latex suit for some time now. Maybe this is it? *pleasant rubbery sounds intensify*
Added DeMask (how could it be missing? It's a legend!)
I found this for your listing:
(18 Aug 2023, 21:27 )MasterDQ Wrote: [ -> ]Someone said latex stores?

I sorted them alphabetically. . .

That's a long list of latex store ! I have found another shop that looks more fashionable but with some accessories :

I've ordered, I will tell you when I receive my high boots if it's a good website or not  😁
Not sure I would buy from a store that sells latex hood with several of the pictures clearly being leather...